If the idea is to create a top automation layer - what about including some of your other automation luup plugins? I think i.e. Delaylight, SiteSensor and AutoVirtualThermostat would fit nicely as Automation templates that can be quickly configured?

Automation templates is something i've been missing in Reactor, what i mean by that is simply a good way to copy the structure of a good automation i have running in one room to another room (Today I have a Reactor sensor in each room, and one for "House" automation).
Example: I have two guest rooms set up with identical sensor and actuator layouts, so the automation i want would be identical for those rooms.

Another side note, i think some sort of room organization would be nice in the entities list?

I'm not entirely sure about how to implement either of these, or the scope of the work it entails, just throwing out some ideas. 🙂