(Last Updated: October 6, 2020)

Shelly 1 as doorbell sensor/opener

  • So, I'm at the 4th Z-wave devices and I still have trouble in getting my Vera operate my door gate, and getting the input from the doorbell. It's already all 220v, because I have an external modulo meant for integration.

    So, last night I had an idea: why not use a Shelly 1 as both sensor and opener?
    If you need instructions on wiring, here's an image:

    Shelly 1 can operate the output independently from the input. So, I prototyped this:

    • I attached to the doorbell sensor
    • O attached to the gate opener

    It seems to work on my bench, because I can call the endpoints when the button is pressed or the input is triggered, so I can update virtual devices and execute all the logic I want. I usually integrate these devices with MQTT, but it's not necessary in this case, since I can live with a doorbell buzz being missed.
    Bonus point: you can run it at 12v if you want.


    Next in my TODO list, the Shelly Universal, a 9 EUR universal binary inputs, with separated inputs and outputs (so, you can get 2 inputs and operate 2 outputs independently), that I'll probably use in my weather sensors project, where I'm using two Shelly 1 at the moment, just the get the inputs.

  • Just to close the loop:

    I have a virtual HTTP device for the door, normally operated by my own logic. When turned ON, it will trigger Shelly's relay via After 2 secs, the Shelly will update the Status var to turn it off again, but you could do it in LUA, if you prefer.
    I also added a virtual device for the doorbell (using D_Doorbell1.xml/D_Doorbell1.json - no need to use a plug-in) that's updated via the previous HTTP calls.

    Everything is working perfectly. The Shelly is near my Wifi router and notifications and commands are sent immediately.

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