(Last Updated: May 10, 2020)

License Plate recognition

  • Something fun to do if you have a camera located on your driveway:
    This home assistant component enables recognition of a license plate which in turn could open the garage door...

  • Hey rafale any idea how to run this adms addon or container in hassos?

  • Hmm I don't really run containers as I am finding them a little too limiting. That's why I prefer to run full OS VMs and that's exactly how I run home-assistant. It makes it much easier to add component and add ons like these. Maybe you want to look to see if it is available through HACS?

  • Hell 3s + ssds are so cheap I’m of the mindset to just get a new box I have a little lan monitor (xymon) keeping tabs on the farm. Easy to install from apt-get. Backups are tiny and on the nas so everything is modular.

  • Yup I agree with you. For reference as I know Home Assistant installations can be confusing...

  • @rafale77 then as off yesterday your setup is not supported anymore?

  • Hmm not quite. I don't use supervisor and am running the core directly. I actually don't need any special support at all as I am running the most basic from source, similar to the python virtual environment except that I install mine without it. This means that for my setup to not be supported, they would have to stop support home assistant source...

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