(Last Updated: August 26, 2020)

CCTV on Openluup

  • Can we? Simply? Specifically Foscams which used to run 'fine' on Vera but are not exactly high importance to me.

    But since they are there....



  • What's your need? I probably have some lua code to send a snapshot via telegram. (Right now I have transitioned to a different solution sendinging my a video as gif, but it's not lua).

  • It's all there...

    I_openLuupCamera1.xml implementation file:

    A camera device created with this implementation file will create an associated child Motion Sensor device which is triggered when the camera’s own motion detection algorithm sends an email.


    Out of the box, openLuup will start the SMTP server on port 2525. This can be changed in Lua Startup code with the following line:

    luup.attr_set ("openLuup.SMTP.Port", 1234) -- use port 1234 instead

    The camera’s device implementation file may be set on the openLuup device’s Attributes page, followed by a Luup reload. The only other significant parameters are the usual: ip attribute, and the URL and DirectStreamingURL device variables.

    Camera configuration is obviously device-specific. For my Foscam camera the important parameters are:

    • Enable - ticked
    • SMTP Server - the IP address of openLuup on your LAN eg.
    • SMTP Port - 2525, or whatever other port number you configured in openLuup startup
    • Need Authentication - No
    • SMTP Username / Password - not used
    • Sender Email - must include the form xxx@yyy, for example Foscam@Study.local
    • First Receiver - openLuup@openLuup.local

    My camera (FI9831P) also sends three snapshots as email attachments. These may be ignored, or can be written to a folder accessible from openLuup, depending on the configured email address for the trigger.

    The Motion Sensor device will remain triggered for 30 seconds (or longer if the camera is re-triggered within that time.) In keeping with the latest security sensor service file, in addition to the Tripped variable, there is also an ArmedTripped variable which is only set/reset when the device is armed. This makes AltUI device watch triggers easy to write when wanting only to respond when the device is actually armed.

  • Just plugged mine in to test...

    Screenshot_2020-08-25 openLuup.png

  • Cool. Thanks, gents


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