(Last Updated: May 13, 2020)

Link to forum

  • I thought it might be a good idea to link to this forum from Openluup and/or Altui running on Openluup, VeraBridge, ZwayBridge.

  • Good idea, although I’ve just nuked the “help” buttons on the Plugins page of the openLuup console (in favour of a link to their respective GitHub repositories.)

    I can put one on the openLuup device panel, and in the console footer, and the About page. Actually, I suppose on the AltUI device itself.

    Any better suggestions?

  • No, All those sound good enough.

  • Done!

    Development branch v20.5.12 has the links.

  • Just installed from Github development, no joy. Still on 20.5.10

  • Page refresh?

    I updated my RPi system successfully from Git.Hub, and looking at the development branch there it shows 2020.05.12.

  • Yes , i refreshed page and reloaded. The development branch showed the updates were a hour old and the date was 2020.05.12.
    Just did it again from altui plugin page using development and finally it updated. Must of tried 6 times that way last night,. Oh well working now and link visable.

  • Must be a delay in GitHub updating distributed servers.

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