(Last Updated: June 29, 2020)

ZWave - MIMO2

  • Starting a thread about "How do you use your MIMO2" ...

    Maybe that will give other users some ideas...

  • How about starting with "What is a MIMO2 ?"

  • MIMO2+ is an interface module capable of converting a traditional wired device into a Smart Z-wave device! Make Virtually Anything Speak Z-Wave! MiMO2+ is double the capability you get in MiMOlite! Using the latest in Z-wave Plus RF tech, including security encryption, MiMO2+ is our latest offering.


    2 x Signal Inputs
    Connect a digital, analog, or pulse signal device
    Up to 16V DC
    2x Relay Outputs
    Connect any low voltage (up to 24VDC, 10Amp) device and control it via wireless commands
    Connect your wired security panel / zones to Z-wave

  • Neat!


  • We have Fibaro (Not so) Smart Implant and Universal Binary Sensor in Europe.

    I use them for:

    • alarm status
    • gate/door status (outside, where I don't want a bulk or battery sensor)
    • wind/rain notifications attached to sensors

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