(Last Updated: November 20, 2020)
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  • Anyone used this device to control LED strip ?

  • @dest I have two of the older version "RGBW Controller".
    One is driving a white LED strip on one of the channels and a set of 12V lights on the other channel.
    The second unit is driving one white LED strip on one of the channels and three sets of LED spots on the other three channels.
    In other words no RGB(W) strips on any of them.

    To be honest these two Fibaro units have caused the most headache of all my units. Strange behaviour activating/deactivating other zwave devices a few times, not reporting status etc. I have had to unpair them a few times over the years. They seem a bit better on Zway, but not faultless there either.

    Fibaro devices seem have problems with compatibility, because of this I have decided not to buy any more.


  • @ArcherS Got the new version and having a hard time to understand how to connect my RGB strip on it without any "switch".

    Just connected from the power source than controlling the RGB...

  • @dest You connect the constant 12/24V power supply + to P and - to GND on the Fibaro. Also connect + on the PSU to + on the LED strip.
    Then you connect the OUTnn to the corresponding pins on the RBG LED strip.

    rgbw connect.jpg

    If you do not want any switches INnn on the Fibaro should unconnected.

    My three (not four as I wrote above, sorry) set of LEDs in the kitchen are connected according to this diagram, perhaps it can be of some use. Note that the LED strip in my case is a white one that only requires one "OUT" connection to the Fibaro.
    Also note that on the older Fibaro version that I have "OUTnn" were named R, G, B and W.
    The diagram is in Swedish, but I hope it makes sense anyway. 🙂

    fibaro schema.jpg