(Last Updated: June 29, 2020)

Wall mount tablet plug-in

  • I've just completed my setup (after exactly 3 years from moving in, priorities!) and even if I wrote all the code in C#, I could port it easily to LUA (I guess 😄 )

    I've used Fully Kiosk Browser + 3D Printed Mount (check https://makesbymike.com/) and a custom HTML dashboard, all running on an Amazon Fire Tablet:

    WhatsApp Image 2020-06-29 at 11.05.29.jpeg


    WAF is very high 😉

    Sorry for the Italian interface. First row is temperature/humidity sensors (esterno = outside, piscina = pool, salotto = open space, zona giorno = 1st floor, zona notte = 2nd floor, lavanderia = laundry room).
    Then I have a bunch of commands/scenes sent to Vera to change blinds/roller shutters (they are automatically managed, but wife pretends to be smarter than code, from time to time 🙂 ). Last row has notifications for washer/dryer, with the cycle end date. When doing its cycle, the background becomes orange, then green when completed. It's probably the best feature, since the laundry room is in the basement. There's also a link to cams (videosorveglianza) and I automatically open TinyCamPro in case of movement outside/doors/gates are opened.

    Is there any interest in a generic wall mount tablet plug-in, offering simple dashboard (maybe json-driven) and integration with Fully Kiosk API?

    I'm currently dimming screen on/off, get the battery status and schedule a 20-80 cycle for the battery, via a smart plug and a bunch of lua code. I planned for this when I did the electrical setup, so the tablet has a standard european 503 (recessed) box with ethernet, that I attached to the 5V into the network closet to feed the tablet. I'm updating the screen via AJAX every 30 secs.

    Here's a behind the scenes photo as well 🙂

    WhatsApp Image 2020-06-29 at 11.17.41.jpeg

  • That's very impressive

    Only one tablet?


  • 3d printed yourself or bought?

  • In my previous house, I did something similar where I mounted an ipad mini to a wall, carving out a whole in the dry wall and inserted a flush bracket I bought. It was so tight that it was extremely difficult remove the device... I opted not to do this in my new house because the need for a graphic interface for control was practically eliminated due to the implementation of voice control and much increased automation. This is very cool and impressive nevertheless!

  • @CatmanV2 yep, only in front of the open space island. when on 2nd floor we usually use our phones. I have a video doorbell on 2nd floor and basement as well, but the video is proprietary.
    @sender I bought it from https://makesbymike.com/ via Etsy, it's 3d printed but quality made. Definitely recommended.
    @rafale77 it's mainly there for cams. On the left you can see my video doorbell, and it's very handy to see everything at glance (front cam from video doorbell + cams) when the doorbell rings. automations are doing most of the stuff, but my wife wanted a dashboard, and who am I to not seize the opportunity to play with something new (I'm not a big fan of Android, so it was a journey, for me) and make her happy? 😄

  • Have a look at

    It's in my list of 2020 to get some of them!

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