(Last Updated: October 17, 2020)

Vera Decoupled from the cloud services

  • so, @rigpapa did it: https://github.com/toggledbits/Vera-Decouple

    It's completely decoupling Vera from the cloud. Very cool stuff. /cc @rafale77 @akbooer

  • Interesting. I have actually run completely decoupled from the cloud service for a couple of years and I think a number of people in the forum dating back years were doing so too as I picked up knowledge from them. It is good to have a simple script to do it though as it took a few manual steps to do this in the past, including a very raw script I had published in the old place. Unfortunately this was only one very small piece of my peeling the vera onion as it is only one of the factors of instability.

  • Hm which makes me wonder... what happens when I just disable the internet connection for vera? I do everything locally and use vera solely as a zwave bridge...

  • @sender before this mod, it will crash. after, it'll just work. I messed with DNS and it ran OK during the night (albeit missing to send updates outside).

    I'm on my 2nd day and thanks to fw 7.32 beta, it's running smoothly.

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