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    OpenWeatherMap's API changes: Some time back OpenWeatherMap decided to change their API billing practices. The old "One Call API" arrangements (1,000 API calls per day free) have now ended.

    You now have to provide your credit card details, so if you exceed the free 1,000 API calls per day you can be charged. The provided API keys don't work unless you provide these details. Returned error message:

    { "cod": 401, "message": "Invalid API key. Please see for more info." }

    However, if you just want current weather with no forecasts, you can use the "weather" call:

    It's possible the Multi Station Weather plugin could be modified to fall back to this call, if it fails on the first call. As suggested here.

    In my case, I've hacked the MultiStationWeather plugin code to use the "weather" URL at all times, as I don't use forecasts.

  • The vera integration of openLuup

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    If the bridge does not detect previously existent devices when the system starts up, then it moves them into Room 101. So a restart should either resolve the issue, if they have appeared again, or you can delete any/all devices using the action described above.

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  • The Z-way integration for openLuup

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    You only get that lucky once in every four years!

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    It doesn’t really matter, but it does need to have the executable permission.

  • openLuup: Version Log

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    Development Branch: 2024 Release 4.8

    Eclipse Edition

    further refactoring of Shelly Gen2+ devices fix missing variables for Shelly H&T support for Shelly Gen1 RGBW2 controller
  • openLuup: MQTT server

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    If there is something I can do to help, please let me know.

  • openLuup: Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

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    @dcmchrissy said in openLuup: Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL):

    openLuup runs great, but GetVeraFiles always download zero byte png files in the /icons folder (ongoing problem for me on all of my recent openLuup installs) A "permissions" problem? Even though I never change any permissions unless instructed in your install instructions.

    This issue has been fixed in the latest development version (v20.12.10), so update to that from the plugins page and try again. (It is possibly worthwhile deleting the existing zero-bytes files first.)

    Yes, the su approach seems to work (I must have been su when I tried this – I have changed my original post accordingly, thanks)

    Thanks for trying this out!

  • openLuup Icons

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    here in the community app in the reply box

  • ZWaveJS and MQTT

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    @toggledbits Thanks for that. Zensys had it as their proprietary stuff ie under their control for ages and it's still a constellation of confusion. For example - how hard should it be to copy a set up from one USB stick to another? They really shot themselves in the foot a long time ago. Meanwhile Zigbee seems to have flourished?

  • Awesome MQTT - GitHub list

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    I did add it, just to see whether anything happens!

  • GetSolarCoords - correct results?

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    Great - variables AZ & ALT are now all good. I've written about them here.

  • This topic is deleted!

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    I missed your reply, somehow, but glad it worked. Assume you are back home by now!

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    @parkerc said in Console view: - No Live refreshes via :3480/console?page=devices:

    If/when you have time, it’lll be nice if the console could have its own Favicon assigned

    The openLuup server has supported favicons from the beginning. I used to run openLuup on four different hardware systems (RPi, BeagleBone Black, Mac, Synology) and they all used different favicons so that I could tell from the browser which one I was dealing with.

    For this reason, I've never needed a specific favicon, although the one I use by default is my GitHub avatar, as appears on the top left of the openLuup screen.

  • openLuup and room names

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    Thanks. Made the change. It'll be in the next release.

    In contrast, device names are allowed, by design, to have leading and trailing spaces.

  • Need to get rid of RulesEngine

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    You mean that 2 minutes wait you mention here...

    THEN execute LUA code WAIT 2 minute execute LUA code'd just have to re-check the compound condition again before executing the second code block.

    So the easiest way would simply be to wrap the test in a function so you can call it in a one-liner...

    local API = require "openLuup.api" local now = os.time() local m_15_ago = now - 15 * 60 -- 15 minutes ago local hour = "*t" .hour local b1 = API[nnn].security -- bedroom 1 motion sensor local b2 = API[ppp].security -- bedroom 2 motion sensor local bl1 = API[xxx].switch -- binary light 1 local bl2 = API[yyy].switch -- binary light 2 local function ok_to_go () return b1.Tripped == '0' and b1.LastTrip < m_15_ago and b2.Tripped == '0' and b2.LastTrip < m_15_ago and hour >= 6 and hour < 23 and bl1.Status == '0' and bl2.Status == '0' end if ok_to_go() then -- execute LUA code, block #1 if ok_to_go() then -- execute LUA code, block #2 end end
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    You can set the debug flag in startup or Lua Test with:

    local mqtt = require "openLuup.mqtt" mqtt.ABOUT.DEBUG = true
  • DisplayLine1 & 2 - Ability to align text?

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    I don’t believe so. This was a courtesy addition to AltUI which @amg0 made for me just so that there was a simple way to present a bit of info without resorting to JavaScript in a separate file.

    I take it that you’re talking about AltUI? If it’s openLuup’s console that you’re speaking of then, yes, there’s a way for individual plugins to format their own panel display.

  • AltUI access over VPN

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    Interesting. I shall have a poke when I get home. Of course that will require the 'correct' computer 🙂


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    Thanks for that – I'll look into it, but it hasn't been a problem internally when used in scheduling scenes. These are, however, run in the Startup Lua context and not in any device.

  • OpenLuup installation

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    @archers said in OpenLuup installation:

    I had to reinstall the Z-way plugin (plugins->update now button) to get it working, the login fields did not exist (see above) until I did that. After the reinstall I could log in and get it to work.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, some plugins do make first-time initialisations like this.

    @archers said in OpenLuup installation:

    run the reload openLuup script from the cmh-ludl folder
    ./openLuup_reload backup/backup.openLuup-nnnn.lzap

    Really glad to hear this worked smoothly. It's something I very rarely do, but it was certainly well tested when first implemented.

    Sorry that I can't advise on the Reactor issue.

    @archers said in OpenLuup installation:

    is it better to do a reinstall from App Store when restoring a backup of from of from Plugins->update now button? Or should it not matter?

    For an already installed plugin, they're equivalent (unless you specify to install anything other than the master version.) For a new plugin, you obviously have to use the App Store. It is possible to maliciously damage the install configuration data which is used for existing plugins, but you'd have to try very hard. In that case, recourse to the store is necessary. The only thing I'm aware of is that there is no install button for VeraBridge, and it's not in the App Store, but since Vera is EOL this hardly matters.

  • Unexpected stop of openLuup

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    tnks akbooer for your fix.

    About VPN, my server is on a cloud hosting and the web app is accessed by authenticated users so I suppose the only solution is to activate some fw rule on the openluup/datayours server.

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    OK. This bad argument error should be fixed in development version 22.06.20

    Can you give it a go?

    Still thinking about the GetSolarCoords error. Can you confirm that everything is correct in the running system (ie. their current values on the device panel / variables) it's only the returns from this action call that are in error?



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