(Last Updated: April 27, 2020)

Radio and Host controllers in different locations? ser2net + socat solution

  • Many of us have done this before but this is meant for the newbies. This solves the problem some people may have to get their home automation radios centered in their mesh in the house while their server would be somewhere else.

    It is inspired by what Homeseer has done with their Z-NET product which is a raspberry pi with a zwave HAT which uses ser2net to send its zwave serial port over IP to the host controller but it is really more generically useable across any type of platform controller or even radio. Regardless of it being zwave or zigbee or even bluetooth if this ever takes off, they all are serial ports on the operating system. Since they all use a distribution of linux, one can install ser2net on it.
    I posted the nuke-vera script which adds the disabling of everything vera on a vera plus.

    This example from the openhab forum is for a rPi

    This is a more generic example

    It is a well known trick but very useful.

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