(Last Updated: May 2, 2020)

Home Assistant - zwave2mqtt - aeotec gen 5

  • Any expert out there to verify? I have 1 zwave device added for test and it shows in hass as an entity and I can control it. Are all setting ok? Ideal? How can I change in zwave2mqtt the name of the device and auto "let it change" in hass? Or is that not the way it was meant to be?


  • Hi Sender, It's pretty hard to read. I did test zwave2mqtt before and found it better than the native zwave component in terms of configurability but this is just too small to make out any character.

    I just guided someone on the Home Assistant forum to replace his aeotec gen 5 stick with a much cheaper and more expandable generic silabs one.

  • Hi Rafale, the picture is made smaller by the forum. It is very clear. I will ad a screenshot in the OP.

    I see that it is directly called "resized"

    Why would you need a generic silabs stick instead of an aeotec?

    Did it another way... will not be there forever 🙂

  • Take a look at this thread. I took it offline on PMs with him at the end but it answers your question.

    I know you are trying to start by getting comfortable with Zwave2MQTT. I am sure the guys on the HA forum can give you better answers than I since I have not used it since I tested it at its beginning.

  • Rafale, ehm... my screenshot has almost nothing to do with the mqtt part, mostly zwave...?

  • Ok I can read it now. It looks fine to me. These are the rather basic settings. You can play around and test various things from here to get comfortable with it.

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