(Last Updated: May 24, 2020)

Happy Birthday openLuup!

  • 5 years of development to be celebrated!

    Let's see if people have some additional feature requests:

    I noticed how intense ALTUI is on the cpu load, especially vs. the console. It is I know due to hosting it client vs server.
    Maybe push the console to be the primary GUI?
    Maybe evolve openLuup to support multithreading? (I looked into lua multithreading before and it is out of my league)
    Integrate the Homekit and alexa bridge servers?

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday!

  • So I think the across the board async calls are completely essential... I just wasted 3 hours troubleshooting an instance of openluup which refused to start and would output no logs. I went as far as recovering from a 2 days old backup of my VM and could not get openLuup started. Everything else in the VM would work perfectly and I could not figure out what was happening.
    Well it turns out that it was:

    1. I have rebooted one of my network switches for a firmware update last night
    2. It caused the zigbee serial bridge between the vera and home assistant to break. Home Assistant's zha component is async so it interrupted the component only, not all of home assistant
    3. My openLuup instance has a very tight binding to home assistant through sitesensor and which stopped functioning but did not take down openluup.
    4. I caused openluup to freeze through the usual Homewave API call when I got back this evening which then forced me to go restart openLuup and this was when it failed to restart.

    I ended up going back all the way to restarting socat, restart home assistant and then restart openLuup to fix the problem. I still don't know why openLuup would not start without leaving any logs with home assistant being down on my setup but suspect that it is related to a synchronous call I inserted somewhere either in the startup lua or from sitesensor. Can't believe I spent as much time as I did on this...

  • Happy Birthday and Long Life to Openluup

  • Happy Birthday to openLuup!

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