(Last Updated: June 30, 2020)

GE/Jasco Z-wave wall switch

  • Hey guys...

    Is it just me or the GE/Jasco switch or very sensible to power outage ?

    Almost each time we have a power outage, I need to replace at least 1 switch to replace.

    Each time, same behaviour, the blue led is flashing rapidely and nothing works.

    Last power outage, I got 3 switches. 95% of our switch and dimmer are GE/Jasco.

  • I got rid of all my GE wall switches a while ago due to the lack of instant status implementation and moved to Cooper and Leviton. I know at one point GE got instant status but I never tried another one. If I was to buy another one today, I would probably try the inovellis...
    I would suspect that beyond the power outage itself, you may have a power surge. Maybe install a whole hour surge protector?

  • @rafale77 yeah already in the plan for the surge protector but WHY only the Jasco switch 😉

  • ¯\ (ツ)

    Their internal design may not be as robust towards power surge? There has been so many models over the years, it is hard to know.

  • I just looked at inovelli and they charge 20$ for shipping in Canada 😞

  • hmm maybe zooz then? I would definitely go with something with S2 these days.

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