(Last Updated: September 10, 2020)

Bluegiga’s BLED112, Raspberry Pi (Ser2net) & Vera/Node-Red

  • Sorry for the long title 🙂

    After building, for the want of a better term, a “Ser2net Server” in order to share various USB/Serial devices With Vera/Node-Red etc.

    I’ve recently added Bluegiga’s BLED112 Bluetooth (https://www.silabs.com/wireless/bluetooth/bluegiga-low-energy-legacy-modules/device.bled112) with the goal that I can integrate all the personal bluetooth devices worn in the house (i.e fitness trackers etc.) into some sort of presence awareness set-up.

    All my other usb/serial devices, such as a Current Cost energy monitor, DSC Alarm Panel and a RFCOM Rfxrtx433 transceiver which are connected are all working well, and with the ability to share each device I’ve been able to integrate them into the different HA solutions I use.

    So getting back to the point of my post, and with the BLED112 connected, I can access it via the pi no problem and using this .py script (. https://github.com/jrowberg/bglib/blob/master/Python/Examples/bled112_scanner.py) - so I can do a few things when logged into the pi, but what I’m struggling with at the moment is how to get clean information out via ser2net. Currently everything looks jumbled/corrupted and I’ve tried to change the Ser2net serial/connection settings for it but that hasn’t resulted in any noticeable improvements .

    Ser2net .conf settings.

    4004:raw:0:/dev/ttyACM0:115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT max-connections=4

    Is anyone on this forum using the BLED112 in any capacity today ? Ideally with Vera/OpenLuup ?

    Screenshot below of what’s seen via telnet (Remoter is the iOS app I’m using , but the N065H is a model of fitness band my wife has.


    And attached below is what seen from the pi when the python script is run..


    Within the above you have the MAC of the Bluetooth device, plus the strength of the signal, so the makings of some good presence/range automation capabilities 🤩

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