(Last Updated: May 1, 2020)

Instant status

  • Since Vera support sucks and I have this intermittent problem. Several devices which were included successfully and had always have instant status (updating vera directly when pressed locally) stop working every now and then. Vera support has 1 solution: exclude & include. And yes this works. But then after a while it starts all over and eventually I end up with a regular exclude include session which is unacceptable. Currently I am somewhere a around device number 1600 (no joke!).

    Vera tells me they can set and association to 1 (lifeline) to try.

    Is there any feasible solution which is stable to keep this working? Where to start? I only have Vera as zwave bridge...

  • Without knowing why you need to exclude and reinclude, what parameter on the vera or on the device has changed, it is hard to know what is going on. I have never seen this, or correction, I have seen corruption of data causing wrong parameters on the vera misinterpreting frames from devices requiring reconfiguration of the device on the vera.
    If the vera is messing with the lifeline associations of devices, this would be concerning.
    Indeed the instant status is supposed to be sent to the lifeline association group.

  • @sender I got the same issue also with Vera and I have the same issue with zway also!

  • @DesT, really? Did you check the device lifeline associations?

  • @rafale77 yeah and nothing changed. PoltoS asked me to get remote access to check but it's a little bit complicated with our different timezone. So I end up redo the pairing process and reset to default the physical switch too!

    I would need to confirm again, but I think I'm still having one of them that stop working with the instant update again!

  • Since my logic relies on it and device ids are key there it us very annoying. And specially unreliable... fibaro, zwave.me and qubino have this with me... even newer ones...

  • Just a brainfart here... have you tried just power cycling the device? I have leviton devices which go awry after some time (especially frequently with the vera when it was polling and doing wake up nnu like crazy) and much less frequently now but I sometimes do need to cut the breaker on them to recover them. It is now extremely rare (maybe once every 3-4 months). In this case, it isn't a controller problem but a device problem. Not sure why you guys would see it across multiple device type though. The instant status should be pretty straightforward association report frame.

  • I played around with association to 1, auto configre was set to no and had to set to 1. Now constantly stuck at "Setting user configuration". But when I go that road "configure node right now" it only gets worse due to the slave device ids being deleted and recreated (but in my case not). So... like the dozens of other times I contacted Vera support (f#cking around on my system) I just bite the bullet for the 78th time and exclude include... had my hopes on z-way...

  • I have similar experience lately. as @rafale77 said, it's data corruption for me. so bad I had to set some variables at sartup in order to be sure the offending devices are OK.

  • The funny part about instant status... I have a few dimmers (very old leviton) which had instant status through association which did not work with vera... they work now with z-way. Only discovered it in the past couple of days. 😶
    I was quite surprised actually.

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