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    Mios dashboard isn't displaying anything. Anyone know what is going on?

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    I have been using 4 x Yale Contactless Connected Door Locks for several years (they use either a rfid tag or code to enter)

    I have also been using 1 x Yale L1 Door Lock on the main front door and this connects via Yale Software

    Yale contacted me to advise the L1 Lock software was being withdrawn and I needed to install a Yale Access Module into the existing lock and a Wi-Fi Bridge to link it with the newly released software

    ALL of the above was working just fine.


    Yale emailed to advise I should add a Yale Access Module to each of the 4 other locks as this would link with the updated software via the Wi-Fi Bridge.

    They offered a deal of just £4 each for these Modules so I got them.


    I found that only 2 of these modules would slot easily into the locks - two of them bent the pins and one of those snapped the female part in a lock (I do have a spare lock but thats not the point).

    Anyway, I began to set-up the two fitted Modules with the Wi-Fi Bridge and I eventually found (thanks Google, NOT Yale) that I now need 1 x Wi-Fi Bridge PER LOCK (£50 each).


    Does anyone know of a compatible Wi-Fi Bridge which works with Yale AND can handle multiple connections (ie 5 all 5 of my locks) ?


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    @xAPPO i'm having a VM for all my stuff and I'm using a raspberry pi as a remote "zway" device using socat/ser2net to send back the USB dongle into the VM! Works like a charm for the last 4 years 😉

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    Why use any individual scene code at all? Per the reference docs you cited, if you define a scene_prolog global (presumably with the exact same code as your existing executeSceneNumber) that should work directly.

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    "Hi, I'm Troy McClure, famous from such posts as 'How to Send Data to Google Sheets from Rule Machine', and 'Creating Zero-CSS Animated SVG Backgrounds for Hubitat Dashboard Tiles Using Hidden iFrames', and other esoteric topics nobody wants to read."
    But srsly, I did expect more response when I recently released my very first full-fledged HE Device Driver which pits you against an AI bot in the game of TicTacToe on a gameboard created out of 12 button Tiles. 😉
    TicBot Game

    @toggledbits sure won't miss my MSR antics, but I do! What's the point of beta testing if you cannot first crush the everlivin' life out of something while probing its deepest, darkest recesses.

    Indeed, first thing I inquired about after joining HE Forum a few years back was "Can this thing tie in with X10?" (A: Yes and, more pointedly, no.)

    I would love to visit here more often, but must confess you guys are so awesome you've left me nothing to BREAK!

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    @toggledbits as dashboard items are now all under URL <MSR ip>:8111/dashboard/, if e.g. virtual items/switches would be under <MSR ip>:8111/dashboard/virtual/, they could be accessed with a direct (bookmarkable) link

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    here in the community app in the reply box

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    That's the beauty of community support!

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    I’m curating a list of smart home automation ideas, and here are 15+ ones (and still counting).

    What do you think?

    smart home automation ideas.png

    The smart home trend is dramatically evolving with at least 69% households in US owing at least one smart device.

    So how could they ease your work and life?

    I gathered and asked 15+ smart home professionals a same question:

    “What’s your most favorite automation (ideas) for smart homes that is improving your life?”

    Let’s check their ideas:

    (source: https//www.leadsrating.com/security-cameras/smart-home-automation-ideas/)

    Routine Checking Smart Curtain and Blinds Smart Interaction Smart LED String Lights Turn Outdoor Water On/Off Automation NFC Tags Automation Remote Control and Scenes Smart Interoperability Reducing Your Home Cleaning Job Light Control Automation Smart Blinds Light Management Adjusting Natural Light Automation Seamless Connectivity Simple Switch Bot Changing My Overall Everyday Process

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