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  • 15+ Smart Home Automation Ideas from Pros

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  • This topic is deleted!

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  • Finally gave up on my Ezlo Plus

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    @librasun said in Finally gave up on my Ezlo Plus:

    Sound familiar?

    Never heard that! 😉


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    After about 7 years in the Vera/openLuup world i've now moved on to a home assistant installation. This was rather reluctantly, as openLuup has served me well with very few issues (other than ones I created myself off course!). A big thanks to @akbooer and all contributors for all the good work with this software!

    The main reason for jumping the fence to HASS was in short all the integrations and UI possibilities. The device handling for Zigbee and RFXtrx is also developing to be really good, and is still maintained.
    There is still plenty of annoying bugs/imperfections with HASS, but the maturity is at a level where most of what I need works well enough.
    My system is now:

    HASS Container Z-wave JS UI for z-wave (Still prefer Z-Way here, but the integration isn't good there yet) ZHA for zigbee RFXTRX plugin for 433 HASS Configurator for UI file editor for both HASS and MSR configuration files MSR for all automations Grafana and InfluxDB 1.8 (upgrading to 2.0 in a while)

    So far so good! 🙂

  • Half-way migration from Vera

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    @buxton no plugin at the moment, just a bunch of code. I was planning to do it and use the VeraBridge inside openluup, but I could definitely start with just the server part soon.

  • My Home Automation Story

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    A bit random but will post it here anyway...
    My second my sensative strip sensor ran out of battery. These non battery replaceable devices are rated for 10 year battery life and they have spent 2 year running on the vera which wiped their battery down from 100% to 0~20%. I have sustained the remaining battery life for over a year now running it on z-way. The rest of my battery operated devices have had such a dramatic battery life extension (~3x for battery nodes and ~5x for FliRs) since I junked the vera and its flabbergastingly stupid z-wave network management and destructive "maintenance" that I have no doubt that the shortened battery life of my sensor is due to the vera. I am not happy at all to have to replace such an expensive sensor so much sooner than planned as you can imagine...

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    @therealdb said in My migration from Vera, or what I did on my holidays:

    Yep, but they’re way more stylish than other options and style is very important to me. Wife demands style too, so I can’t really change them right now.

    You could just hide them! 😉


  • Not so much a blog

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    @akbooer said in Not so much a blog:

    @CatmanV2 said in Not so much a blog:

    All other automation is by Reactor this is running under openLuup, yes?

    No this is still UI7

    @CatmanV2 said in Not so much a blog:

    ...but I now only have house mode scenes left on Vera. the question is “why”?

    Perhaps this I s this just work in progress, not the final configuration?

    Perhaps. I haven't got anything to run openLuup on (right now) and the device transfer still worries me.

    The big sticking point is going to be Alexa skill. It's pretty much the only way we interact with Vera now. The keypads are most unused.


  • My Wandering

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    @therealdb Always happy to help.

  • This is me

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    @DesT said in This is me:

    @CatmanV2 said in This is me:

    I want the car on the drive to be KITT

    I got the red light that move on the front of my car a year ago 😉

    I would have been disowned from my former car 'club' I fear! And now with a shonky old Jag, it's not gonna look good 😄

  • My Home Automation Setup...

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    Here the "photo" of Sarah...


    And a little bit of story ...

    Sarah is the little sister of "Crypto", Crypto is the "mascot" of PointPub Media that we use almost everywhere for our company branding.


    As some of you know, I'm the owner of a web/marketing agency and an IT company, so people at work know Crypto and Sarah as they are "working" around them 😉

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