(Last Updated: April 28, 2020)

My Home Automation Setup...

  • Let start maybe something useful for others. Maybe it will give you some idea!

    Here's a summary of my setup!

    I'm having :

    • VM#1 that runs openLuup
    • VM#2 that runs Zway
    • 1x raspberry that I use to connect the RaZberry board using socat/ser2net to send "raw data" to the VM#2, this setup allow me to have all my stuff in the data center in the basement while having my zwave antenna on the first floor and send back the data!
    • A couple of pine64 and raspberry around the house, most of the pine64 are use for "smart display" around the house that show data from various source (will post picture later). I have also a raspberry that I used for openSprinkler in the "Shed"
    • Each room in the house + Garage + on the patio is having a SONOS speaker that I use for music of course but that I use with the TTS to send some notification around the house based on the presence!

    For example, I can welcome people on the front door based on motion detection + IP camera motion!

    • I decided a long time ago that all "sensors" will be handle by the DSC alarm. Currently I'm having over 40 sensors in/out divided in 5 partition (main/2nd floor, basement, office and shed and a partition for non-alarm sensor)

    I connected my DSC using the DSC plugin from Vera to handle all that traffic that of course is send to openLuup!

    On the zwave network, I would say that I'm having every room in/out done!

    I'm using also this setup to welcome kids in the morning based on motion detection in each room and I have some time-based reminder using TTS mostly for the kids.

    We also "named/called" our Home, SARAH, based on the TV Show Eureka that means "Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat".

    ** openLuup handle ALL the logic, I have no scene and logic in Vera and Smarthome/Zway

    More to come...

    That's our main screen in the center of the house!

    Inside the main screen, I'm having a bunch of stuff, like 2 Veraplus, and a RaZberry and of course a pine64 for the screen!

    That's an uncomplete setup in the kitchen for screen #2, need to finish the "wood" part!

    That's the touch screen monitor in the basement, so kids can use the Sonos app to play some music in the basement! The wood part is done, need to finish some "paint"!

  • Oooh I want to see the pine64 bits. I love my Alexa integration and TTS but still running Vera+ until I can work out a suitable upgrade.

    I have a Volumio box that can be controlled by Vera as an nice alarm clock amongst other stuff 🙂


  • @CatmanV2 I'm using pine64 for all my "display" setup. raspberry are not powerfull enough for some nodeJS setup! I'm using MagicMirror project for all my "display", to maintain an uniform setup!

    raspberry here are mostly use for "small" load!

  • So happy that your cupboard is messier than mine 😁


  • @CatmanV2 said in My Home Automation Setup...:

    So happy that your cupboard is messier

    that's 'cause I work hard last month with @rafale77 and @akbooer to get ride of Vera and transfert everything on zway!

  • @DesT

    Ahh the days when I was an indiegogo supporter of pine64... We really felt like trailblazers of 64bit SBCs.

    Awesome setup!

  • @rafale77 my first 4 pine64 are from the indiegogo campaign 😉 Since that, I have a bunch of rock64 and rock64pro too!

  • Here the "photo" of Sarah...


    And a little bit of story ...

    Sarah is the little sister of "Crypto", Crypto is the "mascot" of PointPub Media that we use almost everywhere for our company branding.


    As some of you know, I'm the owner of a web/marketing agency and an IT company, so people at work know Crypto and Sarah as they are "working" around them 😉

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