(Last Updated: May 5, 2020)

My Wandering

  • I am a Electrician. I installed hundreds of smart devices for others prior to having my own home automation. In 2013 I bought a new house and decided to make it smart. I did some homework and settled on Z-wave and VeraPlus.
    My installation comprises of
    25 Z-wave dimmer/switch inserts
    3 Z-wave door sensors
    10 sonoff devices(basics,TH16 and Mini) ,
    4 Tuya(lamps and RGB strips) ,
    6 shellys(connected to motion sensors and 2 controlling dead DIY bolts )
    3 Amazon Dots(gen2)
    2 Broadlink (RMPro's)
    4 DIY RF Venetian Blinds
    2 Multi button DIY remotes
    1 NVR
    1 Network drive/Media server/ftp server.
    1 smart thermostat heating and hot water
    4 wired 240v/battery Aico smoke and heat detectors (connect to zwave via Relays)
    1 robot hover.
    1 Siren
    Node-red server running on android.
    Testing openluup on android.
    Automate App running on andorid Boxes/phones.
    All tv's are connected to android boxes.
    No windows PC.
    Debian running on android box.
    Plugins Reactor, AlexaTTS, Switchboard and Virtual HTTP Switch.

    I can control all of my devices from anyone of these platforms Vera/OpenLuup, Node-red, Automate(phone/tv box) or Alexa.
    All devices have a standard/manual switch for anyone to control, and can be controlled even if my VeraPlus stopped working or internet out. My system is stable and may get a luup reload every couple of weeks.

    None of my sonoff's or tuya have been flashed. I found Shelly very late into game and will be using these more now i found them, as they offer local control.

    I have some coding knowledge from the 90's, but have never worked in the industry.

  • Hey @Elcid, I envy your electrician skills 😄
    I will talk more to you in the future about my plans, since I'm mostly a coder, I had my house built by electricians but sometimes it's very difficult for them to understand my requests - so I did myself a couple of things, since I'm handy.

  • @therealdb Always happy to help.

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