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  • z-way-server ubuntu install

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    You probably need a license for the uzb (unlike the razberry which has an embedded license).
    I though the device limit was 3 without a license but this may have changed.
    The license is not required though to update the uzb firmware.

  • Docker container for Z-Way

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    @PerH said in Docker container for Z-Way:

    Its been a while since i've used this now, I've moved to Z-WaveJS..
    Socat - so you have a remote connection to your z-stick? Should work fine with this contatiner, just set it up in the docker-compose file.
    That said, I would ask on the z-way forum, you may find a more current z-way version in a newer container..

    All settings should be persistent if volumes are set up correctly.

    I don't have a remote connection yet, I'm preparing for the migration from Vera to Z-way. I wanted to nuke the Vera and use it as a central hub for my Z-way stick.

    From what I've read, Socat will not work in combination with docker. The Ser2net/ Socat solution is giving me a headache with the preparation alone. It is difficult with docker, so it seems, unless you create a docker specifically with Socat in it. But creating docker images is not a skill I possess (yet).

    Unlike others in this thread, I'm a fan of docker containers. (Easier to maintain, troubleshoot and keep up-to-date). But Socat is a show stopper for now.

    I think I'll ditch the Vera Edge and Z-way docker. I'm looking at using a Raspberry Pi with USB/IP (can't easily install this on the Vera) now instead of Ser2net/Socat and running the Z-way addon for HA.

  • Migration to Virtualisation

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    @CatmanV2 Not at all but I'm running all that stuff on a real server 😉

  • Razberry firmware upgrade from 5.04 to 5.27

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    No one has replied
  • UZB Firmware update failed!

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    Hi mate, thank you for your reply. I know it may take time but I never saw a firmware upgrade taking more than 2 hours.... My fault.
    Unfortunately right now the stick is not recognized anymore neither from Windows nor from Linux. It looks like I lost the US2Serial interface....

    I have I ticket opened with the huys at z-wave.me, but meanwhile I bought a SiliconLab Z-Wave 700 stick, so I can try to brick also this one 😄

  • Z-Wave RF optimization

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    Interesting! I have moved and have taken down my entire system. It will be a few months before I get a new one up and running but it does indeed look like the noise level is quite a bit lower. Not sure if it is due to reporting differences or if it true noise decrease.

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    Ok this is progress. If these variables do not update on z-way, I don't expect them to update on through the bridge. The variable you should look for is the corresponding LastUpdate variable which you should use to trigger scenes. Do those not update?

  • z-way-server new release

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    Actually, i have never gotten to save timezone data in the GUI of Z-Way.. So thats not because of the docker at least..

    Remote access is a plugin you have to set up - i think? never used it myself. I think I asked poltos about the error message when going into settings, and he said that it will always be there when you havent set up remote access.

    I dont have my installation in front of me, but i think zddx fills when you have devices set up, if you only have a stick now, mabye it'll come when you add devices?

    regarding docker compose, i guess you have to backport some of the functions. I know there is some info on that in docker documentation. But the run command done correctly should do exactly the same, but it can be long in some instances.

  • Z-way backup strategy

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    As i understand it in layman's terms rpi-clone will backup an installation to a connected USB. This creates a bootable copy of the system. If one wanted to copy that copy across a network to safe storage would that be possible? Just been reading about dd comand https://robotzero.one/headless-pi-zero-backup-clone/ that creates an .img file of a running system. Is that the way to go to have something transferable? Without having a SSD is it safe enough to have just a USB plugged in and rpi-clone?

  • Z-way video tutorials

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    Good idea. I followed akbooer's guide for openLuup here and rafale77's guide for Z-Way here.

  • Lifeline/TKB switches

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    Yes because on the dimmer they have multiple instances. The dimmer maybe a little more complicated. It has instances to control the color and brightness of the led around the plug which apparently has not been fully implemented in the firmware.

  • Switched from RaZberry to UZB

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    It's a great confirmation, thanks!
    Note that it is not as simple as the noise: it is the signal/noise ratio that matters. Moving the antenna further from the noise source makes a big difference but the antenna on the UZB may still be more sensitive... meaning it will pick up weaker signals and have a longer range. That part I have not verified.

    Note also that -95dBm = below detection limit. This was a change I requested to make the data graph cleaner. Before that the data point value would be nil or NaN and therefore distort the graph by showing a lot of step like forms not reflecting the reality.

    Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 11.54.26.png

  • UZB and Zway server installation

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    Buy license - Paypal says 'To comply with regulatory requirements, this transaction has been declined'. Use personal account instead of business & it goes through. No email with key though? ...

  • Rpi kit

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    Thanks for that - good to know. Was thinking about putting a switch there too - for the moment it's plugged directly in to the AP. Heat is quite a large concern as the temps get pretty warm in the summer under the roof. That battery hat uses a Mototrola droid battery afaik and was hoping it could deal with it. Then ... there are explosions.

  • z-way-server 3.1.0 release

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    Just updated to 3.1.1, same round as shown above. Works fine.

    Then i tried with 3.1.2, but then i did that, the service doesn't show as "running":

    ● z-way-server.service - LSB: Z-Way service Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/z-way-server; generated) Active: active (exited) since Wed 2021-01-20 23:33:36 CET; 6s ago Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8) Process: 14265 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/z-way-server start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Jan 20 23:33:36 Chromebox systemd[1]: Starting LSB: Z-Way service... Jan 20 23:33:36 Chromebox z-way-server[14265]: Starting z-way-server: done. Jan 20 23:33:36 Chromebox systemd[1]: Started LSB: Z-Way service.

    No idea why, so i'll stick to 3.1.1, but 3.1.2 seems to have som bug fixes that would've been nice..

  • UZB Long Range

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    Always good to know a new UZB is coming.
    Thanks for the information.

    Hopefully this will also solve the debacle of bad stick production batches which makes firmware updating a nightmare.

    Other than that, to me it looks like we will have to wait for nodes which use the same LR chip to be able to fully benefit it's potential.

  • Getting status update from device

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    This indeed is a side effect of how Z-way works (it is a bit too fast at trying to poll updates) and I have gone over this with @PoltoS over emails. "Update all" would add too much overhead traffic. I was proposing to add a small delay between the zwave "Set" and "Get" commands but was told that it would make z-way run slower for the vast majority of devices which don't need this. Since in my case, there is only one type of device I just used my own workaround. It's been a long time since I did this so my memory is fading.
    The pluggin is the Niffler:

    [userModule] Niffler - An event notification updater - forum GitHub - jensmoes/Niffler: Workaround for Z-Wave devices that does not send unsolicited reports GitHub - jensmoes/Niffler: Workaround for Z-Wave devices that does not send unsolicited reports

    Workaround for Z-Wave devices that does not send unsolicited reports - GitHub - jensmoes/Niffler: Workaround for Z-Wave devices that does not send unsolicited reports

    Readily available in the z-way appstore. This is my version, I just forked. https://github.com/rafale77/Niffler

  • Add Indicator commandClass to zNode metric

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    @ronluna @akbooer

    Done re-adding the device to zway correctly... not if I'm playing with one of them in the hallway, I got this in the openLuup log...

    2020-12-28 13:39:26.931 luup.variable_set:: 31940.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1.sl_SceneActivated was: 4 now: 3 #hooks:0
    2020-12-28 13:39:26.932 luup.variable_set:: 31940.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1.LastSceneTime was: 1609180558 now: 1609180766 #hooks:0

    2020-12-28 13:39:38.712 luup.variable_set:: 31940.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1.sl_SceneActivated was: 3 now: 1 #hooks:0
    2020-12-28 13:39:38.713 luup.variable_set:: 31940.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1.LastSceneTime was: 1609180766 now: 1609180778 #hooks:0

    2020-12-28 13:39:53.350 luup.variable_set:: 31940.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1.sl_SceneActivated was: 1 now: #hooks:0
    2020-12-28 13:39:53.351 luup.variable_set:: 31940.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1.LastSceneTime was: 1609180778 now: 1609180793 #hooks:0

    What I did, I click on number 3 (ON), then number 1 (ON), then number 1 again (OFF)

    The other thing, openLuup is not getting the "right" device name, sometime it use one "child" instead of the main device.

    So I think the best way to handle that under openLuup will be to have a scene that run when sl_SceneActivated "changed" and do some "IF = 1 then, IF = 2 then..... "

  • Aeon Multisensor 6 issue

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    Tried everything, the motion sensor seems dead. All the other sensors respond as normal.. must be HW issue then..

  • Move UZB from Windows 10 to RPi 3 (Buster)

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    Just a follow-update . . .
    Installed the razberry package with no issues.
    API key carried over without having to re-enter.
    Did have to force interview which worked for 2 powered devices, but failed with a battery PIR (Monoprice)
    Excluded then Included the PIR & the interview process completed.

    Installed the openLuup Z-Way plugin (master), followed instructions.

    A good practice exercise for me, but turns out to be possibly temporary.
    The mentioned mini-PC options in this thread are drawing me to a more reliable solution.
    @mrFarmer, thanks for the tip, if I stay on the Pi3, I'll definitely add the SSD drive.


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