(Last Updated: May 9, 2020)

Switched from RaZberry to UZB

  • Night and day difference for me. I think I was getting a lot of interference in my media closet. Devices were very slow to respond and sometimes not at all. Switched to UZB and used a USB extender to place it a good 5 ft from the location of my pi. Now things are fast and reliable.

  • This is what I have been suspecting too: the Razberry PCB antenna is likely not as good as the one on the UZB but most likely it is the fact that it can be located away from a lot of interference sources (the raspberry itself is likely a source)

  • Interesting. Thanks for that. So this is just about RF performance, and ease of siting the antenna, rather than any other differences?

  • Yes,

    Technically they are based on the same chip. The uzb has an additional serial to usb interface chip and that's about it.
    I did notice that the razberry has the possibility of adding an external antenna. It requires some soldering job to add a connector though. The solder pads are already there. You also would have to break off the PCB antenna or at least break off the trace connecting to it.

  • The UZB aerial is helictical ( it is in a Black Cat UZB, so I'll assume that they are mostly similar), superior to a copper trace.
    It's radiation pattern is also superior to the polarization of a copper trace.
    You could add a full wave antenna to a UZB, but you will get positive results just with a USB extender and another marked improvement if you add a Powered USB Switch.

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