(Last Updated: July 12, 2020)

Docker container for Z-Way

  • Hey guys ... I've started creating a Docker container for Z-Way.

    I was previously using the Razberry2 but found it a bit slow on my Raspberry Pi 3. I could upgrade to a Raspberry Pi 4 but since I already run a dedicated Linux server and many Docker containers I thought it might make more sense to run Z-Way on there.

    GitHub: https://github.com/sofakng/docker-zway
    DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/sofakng/zway

    This container is based on other containers that are no longer updated: (ruimarinho/docker-z-way) and (EugenMayer/docker-image-zway)

    I'd love to hear feedback and any improvements that might be needed.

    One thing I want to add immediately is to separate the configuration files from the Docker volume but it looks like Z-Way has several user configuration files/directories?

    • $ZWAY_DIR/config/Configuration.xml
    • $ZWAY_DIR/config/Rules.xml
    • $ZWAY_DIR/config/maps
    • $ZWAY_DIR/config/zddx
    • $ZWAY_DIR/automation/user_syscommands
    • $ZWAY_DIR/automation/storage
    • $ZWAY_DIR/automation/userModules
    • $ZWAY_DIR/htdocs/smarthome/user
    • $ZWAY_DIR/config.xml

  • This was all the rage a while ago, but, as you say, they have fallen out of use.

    Not a Docker user myself, but delighted to see an expert here again.

  • @sofakng


    Yeah, I myself am not a big fan of docker and I try to avoid it (have been successful so far) as I see the complications and overhead it brings far outweigh the benefits. Maybe you could explain why you are pursuing this route? I see that you are coming from the home assistant forum as well where there is a raging debate about their supervisor structure. Even there I have been questioning the reason for using containers at all when I already saw no significant benefit of using a python venv. I am very puzzled by this approach.

  • Me 2... might well be that your container becomes a home assistant add on... 🙂

  • I would be very interested in a docker image for zway server. I have a Synology DS216+ running docker. If there was a working zway sever image i would purchase the UZB stick and try this instead of buying a Raspberry pi and running another piece of hardware. I'm excited to move from my Veraplus to zway and i am exploring options.
    @sofakng I did try your image (with out a UZB stick yet) to see if it would load. It loads but does display lots of SSL DEBUG LOCK: 2 > 1 SSL DEBUG LOCK: 2 > 0 messages during install. Ideas? The GUI comes up fine. I do not know how to see what version of the server from the GUI but during install it did show loading v3.0.6.

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