Reactor 22328

ALL USERS -- IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from any version earlier than 22256, please read the advisories and prerequisites for that build, below.

The baseurl config key/value is no longer required. It is used only in exceptional circumstances. It is now commented out in default configurations (dist-config/reactor.yaml), and setting it is no longer required as an installation step. Users configuring their systems to use HTTPS access to the Reactor UI should, instead of using baseurl: https://..., set use_tls: true in the reactor section of their configuration. Improve messages in Run Reaction actions when there is an error starting the reaction. DynamicGroupController: make sure change in group name in configuration is always applied at startup. HassController: implementation for device_tracker service to location capability. HassController: since HA appears to provide conversion, enable all color modes if any is supported. HassController: Add support for new xy_color capability. HassController: Allow YAML form service data in call_service actions. The service data can now be formatted as YAML or JSON. The former is the default unless { is the first character in the field, to preserve compatibility with existing actions using JSON data. Add xy_color system capability. Fix a startup issue on Windows. PR 0000345: Fix expression doc example for each statement HassController: Bless Hass to 2022.11.4 ZWaveJSController 22323

NOTE: This version requires Reactor build 22314 or higher.

Allow zwave_device.set_config parameter to be either string (property name) or number (property/configuration parameter ID). This should improve usability for this action. Store property ID in metadata for x_zwave_values attributes. Improve "first guess" device support for many devices when Z-Wave JS is still running interviews and Reactor comes up (i.e. when data from Z-Wave JS about devices is incomplete). Improve device support for multiple Fibaro, Aeotec, Everspring devices. Improve manufacturer/device support for Remotec, Poly-Control, Danalock, Zipato, Nortek, NEO, Minoston (EVA Logik). MQTTController 33326

NOTE: This version requires Reactor build 22306 or higher.

Allow templates to be stored in individual files in a config/mqtt_templates subdirectory. This should improve users' configuration management for community-contributed templates. Additional error checking in install script. Implement entity deadmarking like other controllers. Improve entity initialization/resilience to isolated configuration problems. Incorporate some device template fixes from @therealdb (with gratitude for his ongoing contributions). Support for deterministic updating of attributes on a topic by using a new/alternate array-based configuration syntax. [docs] Support for requires key in templates to facilitate user-feedback when a template is used but a configuration value required by the template it not provided by the user.