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    MQTTController 24142

    DEPRECATION NOTICE: The uses_template entity configuration directive is now deprecated; use include instead (see below). It will remain functional until build 25091 (Q2 2025).

    PR 0000370: Events for tasmota_generic_relay in template have hard-coded device ID (left over from test/dev). System templates are now broken up to multiple files in a hierarchy within the templates distribution subdirectory. New include directive in entity configuration or a template can be used to include the data of another template. You may name a single template (string value), or an array of template names. This permits common behaviors across devices to be modularized in templates. This directive also now replaces uses_template, which is deprecated (see above notice). The user custom template directory (config/mqtt_templates/) now supports any directory hierarchy the user wishes to maintain within it. It searches for templates in YAML or JSON files in the hierarchy, and will traverse ZIP files as well (so template developers can distribute their products in ZIP archives for easy installation/upgrade).

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