(Last Updated: May 13, 2020)

Repeater for Hue

  • So, I just installed (not permanently, lucky me) a new outdoor light strip under my pool SPA. While I'm waiting for more creative ways to properly fix it, I noticed that it's not getting the signal, unless I open the nearest window and take a bulb outside - not properly the ideal solution.

    Anyone has any tip or a decent repeater? I only have one bulb (it came free with Alexa, I don't like bulbs very much, I prefer zwave switches) and two light strips far away. The hub is centrally localed, but my outdoor walls are all concrete, plus brick on the inside, so I think the ZigBee signal is somewhat attenuated.

  • I am trying to get a better understanding:
    What zigbee hub are you using? I suppose the hue is the bulb?
    Hue are really a bit weird for zigbee and are not even fully ZLL compliant. They seem to have problems being repeaters on the network and do not properly update status and require a constant poll from the hub. It is generally preferable to use a hue hub for these. The only hub handling this really well it appears to be this:

    As far as repeaters, for generic zigbee, the old centralite (now belonging to eZLO) plugs were a life saver for me as the vera's zigbee antenna is very weak. I generally try to avoid having a dedicated repeater so maybe add any other regular zigbee device in between? Something like this?

    This is what I used but got them for $6 back then.

  • I'm using a hue hub. I literally have 4 zigbee devices and I'm sure the problem is problem the placement of the outdoor wifi repeater. I'll try with a plug and a new arrangement for the wifi. Thanks!

  • With a conbee2 you can "play" with the frequency channels to avoid busy wifi channels...

  • The hue hub can do that too, albeit with 4 channels only: 11, 15, 20, 25. Other controllers can't. It's one of the reasons why I am considering switching to deconz... And why I avoid zigbee as much as possible. Others give you the choice to start at a certain frequency but you can't switch afterwards.

  • I won't buy more zigbee devices, but for led strips this is the easiest path.

  • So, I moved it near a window and it's reaching the new strip outside. Previously it was in a central location, in the closet where I have all the stuff (Vera, Zway, modems, eth switch and so on). While I was sleeping 🙂 I had an epiphany and moving it under my desk (which is in front of the pool - hard to focus these days :D) worked out.

    Now back to spend 50 EUR to buy new rails to hold a 30 Eur strip... crazy times we're living in!

    Thanks for the help.

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