(Last Updated: June 28, 2020)


  • I appear to have been suspended from the Mios forum. I suspect for linking my migration post 😄


  • Fanfuckingtsastic

    Account suspended until June 27, 3020: spam and putting links to competitor sites

    It was only a matter of time!


  • What competitors site? This is interesting... The old place went from being a discussion forum to share ideas and user/community support and development and it has become mostly a spamming ground for ezlo’s dubious advertising... one can survive there only if you stay in line, helping their platform without criticisism or keep quiet about your dissatisfaction and disappointment as a customer. I just couldn’t do it...

  • Wow, that sucks. Their traffic is down too in the latest weeks. Doing community the since early days, this is not the way to have a healthy ecosystem. We'll see.

  • @rafale77 said in Ooops:

    What competitors site?

    This one 😄


  • I fail to see the infraction, is this site a competitor?

  • @Elcid said in Ooops:

    I fail to see the infraction, is this site a competitor?


    Ask Melih. He gets right arsey if someone says something that casts doubt on the glorious new world order that will be created when Ezlo gets out of Alpha...

    I mean @rafale77 was also classed as a spammer! All pleas for him to be re-instated fell on totally deaf ears. I don't recall that any of the staff even acknowledged the requests


  • Your pleased, i'm sure you mean pleas

  • @Elcid said in Ooops:

    Your pleased, i'm sure you mean pleas

    My thanks, sir!


  • Did you get any warnings?

  • @Elcid said in Ooops:

    Did you get any warnings?

    Nope, but I was partly expecting it. I've had a couple of run ins with Melih. He's never impressed me and the current quality of their output seems frankly shocking, but I'm not a tester and haven't tested it. But judging on the reports of defects.....


  • I'm testing and the system is fast,but it's buggy and in my opinion not beta ready.

  • @Elcid said in Ooops:

    I'm testing and the system is fast,but it's buggy and in my opinion not beta ready.

    That was kind of my take. I work in enterprise IT operations and what I would expect from beta would be a lot fewer critical defects than people seem to be reporting.

    The latest Mios cloud outage was the trigger to get me off Vera totally.


  • Though not very surprising at this point, it is still pretty weird of them to miss the point by this much...

    1. We are not a competitor. We sell nothing. We are just users sharing our experiences in developing our smart homes.
    2. The existence of this forum is a direct consequence of the blind and sly behavior of Ezlo, misleading the entire vera community like lemmings into a dead end.
      A customer base which is complaining is actually good for a company. It means that the customers care and still have hope in you. What you need to worry about is when you only get praises or the customers are quiet... It means that they give up. One would have thought that a little competitive intelligence would have been beneficial but no they chose the ostrich option of sticking their head in cow byproducts. I feel really bad for the old community but even more so for the employees who don't have a choice. That's really the only reason for this post. This is really more their loss than ours.
      As I have predicted, given their methodology, they will have a product which would have been competitive 5 years ago in a couple of years and it is really a downgrade compared to the old vera. There is only so much one can do... bringing a thirsty horse to the river.
      I am still a vera user and I made it work perfectly... by bringing it back to its OEM state of being a Sercomm device and integrated back into a vera like environment called openLuup.

    It's beyond time to move on... My system has never been working this well... wow my door locks have not seen a new battery in 6 months now! new record and we are using it every day, multiple times a day. This was impossible with the vera.

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