(Last Updated: September 10, 2020)

Scene controller in openluup and scenes

  • I'm working on a new virtual scene controler plug-in, since I bought a Shelly i3 and it's the right device to have compact scene controller around the house.

    Having said that, I found it difficult to finish the implementation. Based on doc, all I have to do is set variable sl_SceneActivated, but it doesn't seem to trigger a scene:

     Scene #0-1 'Test Scene', trigger 'T1 Virtual Scene Controller: button number 1 is pressed (sl_SceneActivated = 1)'

    Is there something I have to do? Thanks!

  • Not sure I understand the question.

    Does this post help?


  • Yes, maybe similar. Long story short: it doesn’t seem to trigger the associated scene, while in Vera it’s running ok.

  • No, it won't. You simply have to set a trigger on the LastSceneTime variable, and then determine what the trigger actually was.

  • Yep, I get it. It's still a bug, imho, because I can create a scene with a trigger, as the official service is telling me to do that, but it will not be triggered. I can live with it, since it's just for my virtual scene controller and I doubt many people with end up using it, but I think it's worth noticing.

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