(Last Updated: September 10, 2020)

Virtual HTTP Devices Plug-in v2

  • I just released v2 of my Virtual HTTP Devices Plug-in. As always, 100% local, 100% standard, mobile friendly and working on openluup/altui as well.

    What’s new in v2:

    • Master/Children: now you can just create a master and have any number of children attached. They will still work separately, but this will greatly improve memory consumption on Vera. Please see GitHub for guidance on migration. No need to do it unless you have many devices on your system.
    • async update of device's status. If you want to update the status of your device separately, just return something different than the HTTP code 200/300 family. it’s useful if your device doesn’t complete the response with the call and you want to update its status. Just use a normal Vera call to update the corresponding variable
      -added support for Scene Controllers (see my post in Shelly i3 for a use case)
    • more work around switches/heaters
    • stabilization and fixes

    Get it from GitHub or from AltAppStore.

  • I will install on the weekend if i get time.

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