(Last Updated: September 18, 2020)

Home Automation Serial Server (Raspberry Pi)

  • My quest to build a central usb to serial server (hub) continues 🙂

    The goal is to make a core set of usually local devices available to other HA controllers over the network to use (via Ser2net).

    Current list includes ..

    • Current Cost Energy Monitor
    • Rfxtrx433 Transceiver
    • Bluegiga BLED112 Bluetooth

    Next up is a Z-Wave Module ZMEEUZB1

    What other devices do people think would be a good to add to the ‘hub’ ?

  • Without doubt Homeseer 4.
    Download a free trial version for 30 days, I never looked back.

  • Hi @Black Cat,

    Sorry for any confusion, I’m actually looking for ideas for serial/usb devices that people want to share with their HA controllers from a single central point over the network..

  • In the Netherlands we have smart energy meters that you can connect to USB via a serial to USB cable. The Vera/openLuup SmartMeter plugin (https://github.com/reneboer/Vera-Dutch-Smartmeter) reads that data and I use it for some scenarios. Expecting more use as the compensation for solar power delivered back to the grid will change in 2 years and smart ways will be needed to use as much of your own solar power.

    Cheers Rene

  • @parkerc, I think you could do this using a rPi and ser2net indeed but you would have to setup and write down the specific port broadcasted by ser2net and then pick them back up from the HA controllers. I am using a vera to broadcast the UZB and zigbee signal for example to two different VMs on a remote machine (Home Assistant and z-way-server). It is very manual... but it works well.

  • Hi @rafale77, totally agree, and I’ve had various Pis running Ser2net for years in order to provide device connectivity to Vera from remote locations, such as an alarm panel way up in the loft etc.

    The Ser2net server (which is perhaps another name for it) already has a number of entries in the /etc/Ser2net.conf file ..

    4002:raw:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:57600 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT max-connections=4
    4003:raw:0:/dev/ttyUSB1:38400 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT max-connections=4
    4004:raw:0:/dev/ttyACM0:38400 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT max-connections=4

  • I would like to see a zigbee stick (deconz) announced. Is this usb server works I would like to use it as a hub and connect to the usb devices over ip from home assistant.

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