(Last Updated: September 21, 2020)

Can't mount CIFS with Vera

  • So, I'm trying to execute the same code I had for years to mount my synology NAS for datamine (I know, old stuff), but I'm getting this:

    mount -o user=vera,pass=pass // /datamine
    mount: mounting // on /datamine failed: No such device

    It used to work until 3 days ago, then I had to factory reset my Vera Plus and now this. Packages are OK:

    opkg update
    opkg --force-depends install kmod-fs-cifs
    opkg --force-depends install kmod-nls-utf8 kmod-nls-base kmod-crypto-hmac kmod-crypto-md5 kmod-crypto-misc

    I've already trying anything, with no luck. Any ideas?

  • It’s along time since I used CIFS on Vera. In fact, I think it was under UI5!

    I seem to remember that there were some additional command line options which I found I needed.

  • Believe me if I say that I did a lot of times, and this is the first time it's not working. So strange.

  • wow, Vera-iness at its best: I removed, added and removed and added it again, and it worked. So weird.

  • Happy days.

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