(Last Updated: September 29, 2020)

AltUI Upgrade

  • Hi
    Having an odd issue that AltUI keeps prompting me to upgrade to a newer version #2549 of ALTUI is available, do you want to upgrade ?

    But having hit 'Yes' half a doze times and reloading OpenLuup / hard refreshing, the message persists.

    Anything thoughts as to what idiocy I've done now?


  • Probably not your fault. Occasionally, @amg0 doesn't create a tagged version in GitHub and then it can't be found... so just updating from the master branch on either the Plugins page, or from the Alt App Stoare, should get what you need...

  • Cheers

    Interesting App store doesn't list 2549 but 2.99 beta or 2.47....


  • Yes, ignore that. App store number is fundamentally flawed (thank you Vera!)

    I've just done the update myself and it works fine from the plugins page.

  • My thanks!

    AltUI v2.50.2549,


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