(Last Updated: May 14, 2020)

hass bridge

  • Is it possible to have a home assistant bridge like zway or vera?

  • @rafale77 did something similar, maybe it could be encapsulated into a plugin.

  • @therealdb

    A bridge requires 3 components:
    Device discovery and translation to virtual devices
    Downstream communication (command)
    Upstream communication (polling)

    I did not really build a bridge as I completely skept the first component and manually created my virtual devices using @toggledbits' SiteSensor. I used scenes to send commands and again Sitesensor for polling or, for some devices, Home Assistant's automation module to send commands back to openLuup to either change device states or run scenes. It's pretty manual and tedious but I did not have too many devices. There are way too many types of devices and the architecture is so different with the entity concept of Home Assistant that a bridge would be very challenging. I created my integration over time, a few devices at a time and it was not difficult. I can provide some examples if it helps people. My entire zigbee integration presently works this way.

  • yep, I know. maybe just moving sensor status via a light brigde could be enough, to start. I'm thinking out loud, obviously.

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