(Last Updated: November 14, 2020)
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Another transition from Vera to OpenLuup - PerH

  • @PerH said in Another transition from Vera to OpenLuup - PerH:

    I'd like to decipher these to full sentences, as the codes' meaning are explained in the manual.. any way to give the code to i.e. Reactor?

    If they’re available to the API that the ZWay plugin uses, then this should be possible. There is already a module in openLuup which is used for fixed text lookups (mime types, HTTP error code, ....)

  • Well done. Glad it's worked out for you!


  • Anyone here using ZiGate USB? in my search for an easy way to a functioning zigbee system, that seems like a good solution?

  • I have one and tested it. It's very immature and doesn't work well. There is even a zigate plugin on openLuup which... doesn't work. As French as I am and really wanted it to work... it was a disappointment.

  • I went ahead and gave it a shot. Can't really see any better ways to zigbee in openluup right now.. Vera is hopeless, ezlo plus equally hopeless (probably for years), HASS has no real bridge for interaction.. Have you looked at domoticz? That at least has a bridge plugin available?

  • domoticz is similar to home assistant on the zwave side since it uses the openzwave library as its zwave controller. It is not nearly as developed as Home Assistant though and yes I installed it to play with it at one point thinking about using the existing bridge but decided, given the fact that I have only a dozen devices to bridge over, to skip the bridge and just to call the Home Assistant API manually.

  • @PerH said in Another transition from Vera to OpenLuup - PerH:

    Can't really see any better ways to zigbee in openluup right now..

    the best solution is to write a bridge for deconz. I started to take a look at the docs, lately. https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin
    The responses are remarkably like the Hue server's one. This is an extremely easy to integrate protocol format.

    There's also a WebSocket implementation, so real time updates instead of polling should be possible.

    I've not invested into ZigBee beside a couple of Hue ligths and I'm ok with their hub (mostly because it's the only way to update the firmware), but I'm toying with this idea. In my mind, this should equally work on both Vera and openLuup.

  • Sounds promising!
    It would be a good thing to get access to the more broadly used code out there, it doesn't look like ZiGate is very much used at the moment..
    I would like to be able to help with some coding too, but always runs into a wall trying to figure out the layer hirearchy in lua/luup/java etc..

    In my world, there was a fierce battle yesterday.. The RFXtrx plugin (maybe in collusion with openluup) decided to delete my 40 devices, and preventing me from setting them back up by deleting the child device list twice..
    I ended up deleting all RFX files, and installing an older version (1.41). Much better! Auto-create works, I can use sensors with the correct device files, not just as binary lights..

    When this finally was sorted, i discovered that all z-wave devices was gone after a reboot. looking in z-wave smarthome UI, they were gone as well! just the main devices, no child devices.
    No error messages anywhere. I restarted z-wayserver.service, and things fortunately came back..

  • Has anyone looked at Zigbee2Tasmota? It is supposed to work with the Sonoff ZBBrigde which looks ok and is quite cheap. The bridge seems to be easy to flash with Tasmota.
    I have been playing a bit with Tasmota on ESP8266 lately for sensors and is quite impressed. It seems quite capable and stable.

    I have so far avoided zigbee due to the lack of easy integration into my system except a few Hue light on a Hue hub and AltHue.

    The upside of zigbee as I see it is that there are a few rather nice sensors such as Aqara that could be interesting to use.


  • Interesting, but i'd prefer to run it without the ESP! If I understand this correctly, the result is a Wifi to zigbee with coordinator onboard? neat idea, but i think all I need is a coordinator that reads all cluster types..