(Last Updated: September 20, 2020)

Telegram Plug-in to send text, images and video notifications

  • As another one asked for it on the other forum, I finally created a new plug-in for Telegram notifications: https://github.com/dbochicchio/vera-Telegram/

    You can:

    • send text messages
    • send (still) images
    • send videos (gif or mp4)
    • send silent notifications

    I remember @CatmanV2 was searching for something similar (maybe?).

    I'm using it to send push notifications to me and my wife, using a group. I have my own code streaming my cameras and sending a video as gif based on certain events (ie motion sensors or door/entryways left open). While this part is not included into the plug-in, if you're able to get a video yourself (by pointing to a URL), you'd good to go. Still images from cams (or, let's say, your favorite weather map, or any video/gif/image on the Interner ot local) are supported as well.

    100% compatible with bot Vera and openLuup (where it was developed, anyway).

    Feel free to ask questions or suggest new features.

  • I gave you a 'like' there, but you can have one here as well 🙂

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