(Last Updated: September 26, 2020)

Get your Alexa replies to the device you've asked them to with VeraAlexa plug-in

  • So, I was messing with my Alexa routines and ha bridge, and I want to share something very cool you could do with the ability to get the last Alexa that heard your command. I mentioned it a couple of times on the old place, but Vera's OS is missing the jq package, but openLuup could have it installed.

    Basically, just execute -lastalexa with my VeraAlexa plug-in:

    local lastAlexa = luup.call_action("urn:bochicchio-com:serviceId:VeraAlexa1", 
      {Command="-lastalexa"}, 666)

    Then use it in your scene, to dynamically generate your TTS response with the device you've asked your question seconds before!

    local temperature = 25 -- get it from your sensor
      {Text="Ok, outise temperature is " .. temperature .. " degree", Volume=50, GroupZones= lastAlexa, Repeat = 2}, 666

    Very cool indeed 🙂

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