(Last Updated: October 3, 2020)

Vera Christmas Lights and migration away from Vera

  • My VeraPlus is in Christmas Light mode after attempting the latest update. So as I attempt to get things back with Vera Support I need to start looking into an alternate solution. I've installed OpenLuup in an Ubuntu VM I have running on an old PC. Right now I can still ssh into the VeraPlus.

    1. Will I be able to migrate the Z-Wave NW to a UZB dongle in this state?
    2. Or can I use @rafale77 's Nuke Vera Script to just use the VeraPlus as my zwave antenna?
    3. With either of these options have I lost the ability to migrate my configuration without Vera support restoring my VeraPlus first?


  • huh... sorry to hear this.

    As long as you have ssh access, you should be able to migrate to the uzb dongle. It strange though that you have the device blinking and still have ssh access. You also can use the nuke vera script and still use the zwave radio in the vera. Your entire network can then show up in openzwave/home assistant for example but not with z-way which require a license only present on the uzb and razberrries.
    What you probably lost though is your automation which should be transferred to openluup.

  • Just factory reset and run the extroot script again

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