(Last Updated: October 22, 2020)

Nuke Vera Script

  • Script to disable all the mios/vera proprietary program and broadcast its zwave and zigbee radio serial ports in your network so it can be picked up by another controller... For example z-way.

  • Is this just as good as buying a zigbee stick ?
    I was thinking of using the zigbee through vera, but mabye this is better in terms of device compatibility?

  • Looking at the code and depending on the version of Ser2net that’s installed, adding e.g. max-connections=3 to the end of the Ser2net command would allow multiple connections ?

  • So... I have been using this for 10 months now and yeah it is better than a zigbee stick because you bypass the usb interface. It is a direct serial uart so I got to fool around with the firmware without ever bricking it due incorrect bootloader etc which usb requires.
    You know there are only a handful of zigbee chipsets so... this is the silabs one and is the most generically compatible. The conbee would be the only zigbee stick I would consider with the TI one being last though it is cheap.
    @parkerc... yup I am using it with two connections. I have a uzb plugged into my vera at the center of my house sending both the zigbee and the uzb serial ports down to my z-way/openluup/homeassistant VMs in my server down in my garage. You can practically make it send any number of serial port you want.

  • Hey @rafale77

    I’m going to have a play with this later, as a comprehensive usb/serial server (https://smarthome.community/topic/209/home-automation-serial-server-raspberry-pi ) is something I’ve been tinkering with for years ! (https://community.getvera.com/t/building-a-ser2net-serial-to-ip-server/173673) - wow has it really been that long .. 2012 !!!

    Once announced and eventually added to Vera, Zigbee has been a capability that I’ve been keen to explore, but due to it’s lack of consistency (compared to z-wave) I’ve not invested much time.

    Although; it is on my HA to-do list, - out of my league, but by opening up the zigbee on Vera, is there the potential to extend its usage with (https://github.com/koenkk/zigbee-herdsman ) and (https://github.com/koenkk/zigbee2mqtt) ?

  • @parkerc

    Have not looked at these project in quite some time but if my memory serves me well, they support only the TI chipset stacks so no they are not compatible with the chip on the vera. The stack on the vera works with the bellows-zigpy project: https://github.com/zigpy/bellows, EZSP stack, which was the base of the initial Home assistant zigbee support.

  • @rafale77. I want to neuter my Vera Plus and socat the zwave, but keep the client wifi connectivity so I can place the Vera more centrally. I modified the nuke vera script to not do "wifi down". This seemed to work for a while, my ra0 interface had an IP, and I was able to reboot the Vera and it still worked. After a couple days the Vera dropped off the wifi, even the wired interface wouldn't link up. I did a factory reset and that got the wired interface working again.

    I'm not sure how to configure the wireless interface. Using iwconfig to try and configure ra0 w/ the wifi ssid gave me "SET failed on device ra0 ; Operation not supported." Any ideas on what I might need to do to get the client wifi working?

  • Interesting. Not sure why none of the interface would work after a few days. You may want to look for system logs. This should not happen unless something on your network kicked the vera out. I am thinking of a DHCP lease renewal failing for example.
    I would suggest to set everything with a static IP for a start if you have not done so. Note also that if you are using 2.4GHz wifi and don't have the channels setup right you may have your wifi interfere with zigbee.

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