(Last Updated: April 30, 2020)


  • I noticed this forum has a good response time, loads fast. who is pointpubmedia.com ?

  • It's us 😉

  • Where is it hosted?

  • It's our own datacenter (2) located in Canada! We are not "sublet" anywhere! We own everything and we managed our self the "hardware" and the setup!

  • I'm impressed. Do you have price plans in english?

  • @Elcid yeah I'm really sorry for the english part of our website. It's one thing in our agenda for 2020 😉

    For the pricing, it's complicated. We are not providing a control panel, like cPanel, to our client as we are taking care of everything for them here.

    We are not dealing with clients that are self-managed.

    The forum is fast 'cause it's behind our cluster setup that it's very hard to give acces for our client, there's not FTP/FTPS/SFTP/cPanel/whatever that give access from the outside.

    We are also able to provide "container (lxc)" and VM (qemu) to our client that give them access to do what they want, except, we managed incoming traffic through our clustered firewall to make sure our environnement is under tight security as we are dealing with sensitive "data" for our clients.

    If you need something, feel free to talk to us in private and I can check what we can do!

  • I will keep you in mind. I am really impressed with the response time. I was so quick it made me flinch.

  • Happy to see that our setup is fast outside our "country" 😉

  • good day, eh

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