(Last Updated: June 21, 2020)


  • The latest/working version of OpenSprinkler for openLuup, is it the one from @therealdb ?

  • openLuup.context_switch::  ERROR: [dev #813] ./L_VeraOpenSprinkler1.lua:455: attempt to index local 'jsonResponse' (a nil value)

  • Hey @DesT, is this the GitHub version?
    the error is on the status update.
    can you please call yourPI/jc command and post the results?

    Also, set DebugMode to 1 and post some logs to understand if commands are sent correctly.


  • @therealdb yeah latest version from github!


  • ok, working on it, since it's sending a different output.

  • @therealdb any chance to work on that ? 😉

  • Yep, I'll ask your for more logs tomorrow. Sorry, I've been busy with projects and outdoor activities, after mostly 70 days of lockdown.

  • @therealdb said in OpenSprinkler:

    Sorry, I've been busy with projects and outdoor activities, after mostly 70 days of lockdown

    Feel the pain! We are in lockdown since March 15, and still in! We can only go out for essential stuff and for people that worked in essential service!

  • Yep, we can only visit family, so I spent the week-end with them. I live in a very low-Covid zones (less than 300 cases in 70 days in the entire region), but the lockdown was enforced in the whole country.

    Having said that, please send me:

    • the OS version/type you're running
    • the output for ja (this is enough, I'm refactoring the code to just have this call, instead of separate ones)

    A zip is somewhat OK (private too, if you don't want to share your own data).
    I have an emulator to debug the plugin, so I can put them in my solution and see what's different from the OS version I have developed it against. Thanks!

  • Anyway, I just released a new version, with major refactoring in the logic. Give it a try, if it's not working, I could take a look at your response and fix it easily. Thanks!

  • 2020-05-12 20:29:38.572   openLuup.scheduler:: [813] OpenSprinkler device startup
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.572   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler Controller Plug-In starting...
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.574   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0]: Plugin starting: "VeraOpenSprinkler" - "1.3.0"
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.574   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](nil@694): Running on OpenLuup: true
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.574   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](updateFromController@545): updateFromController started: true
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.574   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](sendDeviceCommand@241): sendDeviceCommand("ja",nil,813)
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.575   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](sendDeviceCommand@264): sendDeviceCommand - url: ""
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.577   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](nil@187): HttpGet: "" - 1 - "200" - "{\"settings\":{\"devt\":1589315378,\"nbrd\":2,\"en\":1,\"sn1\":0,\"sn2\":0,\"rd\":0,\"rdst\":0,\"sunrise\":329,\"sunset\":1217,\"eip\":1167972197,\"lwc\":1589302841,\"lswc\":1589302841,\"lupt\":0,\"lrbtc\":1,\"lrun\":[2,2,7200,1589266801],\"loc\":\"45.55855,-73.89608\",\"jsp\":\"https://ui.opensprinkler.com/js\",\"wsp\":\"weather.opensprinkler.com\",\"wto\":{\"key\":\"\"},\"ifkey\":\"\",\"wtdata\":{\"wp\":\"Manual\"},\"wterr\":0,\"sbits\":[128,0,0],\"ps\":[[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[1,34223,1589306401],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0]]},\"programs\":{\"nprogs\":4,\"nboards\":2,\"mnp\":40,\"mnst\":4,\"pnsize\":32,\"pd\":[[65,127,0,[1080,-1,-1,-1],[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,43200,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],\"Daily Cedars\"],[65,2,0,[180,-1,-1,-1],[7200,1200,7200,900,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],\"St-Eustache Rules AM\"],[64,127,0,[1170,-1,-1,-1],[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,600,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],\"Daily Garden\"],[0,109,0,[150,0,0,0],[0,600,2400,600,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],\"Quick daily\"]]},\"options\":{\"fwv\":219,\"tz\":32,\"hp0\":80,\"hp1\":0,\"hwv\":64,\"ext\":1,\"sdt\":0,\"mas\":0,\"mton\":0,\"mtof\":0,\"wl\":100,\"den\":1,\"ipas\":0,\"devid\":0,\"uwt\":0,\"ntp1\":50,\"ntp2\":97,\"ntp3\":210,\"ntp4\":169,\"lg\":1,\"mas2\":0,\"mton2\":0,\"mtof2\":0,\"fwm\":3,\"fpr0\":100,\"fpr1\":0,\"re\":0,\"sar\":1,\"ife\":0,\"sn1t\":1,\"sn1o\":0,\"sn1on\":0,\"sn1of\":0,\"wimod\":169,\"reset\":0,\"dexp\":-1,\"mexp\":24,\"hwt\":255},\"status\":{\"sn\":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],\"nstations\":16}"
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.578   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](updateStatus@430): Update status in progress...
    2020-05-12 20:29:38.578   openLuup.context_switch::  ERROR: [dev #813] ./L_VeraOpenSprinkler1.lua:434: attempt to index local 'jsonResponse' (a nil value)
    2020-05-12 20:29:39.813   luup.variable_watch:: callback=variableWatchCallback, watching=20107.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:AlarmPartition2.ArmMode

    Just update from github! And I can see all my child devices now!

  • 27794116-595d-430a-b66c-9accf5762950-image.png

    It will be nice to be able to choose in the config somewhere, which zone to use.

    I'm using Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 16!

  • You should be able to hide zone/programs you don’t want to use.

    Glad it’s working now!

  • Don't know why. I'm having a loop

    Thu May 21 12:00:24 2020 device 813 'OpenSprinkler' requesting reload

  • I just upgrade my z-way from 3.0.0 to 3.0.6 and of course I reload openLuup to reconnect it to zway and since that, OpenSprinkler is in a loop!

  • Can you please provide some logs?

  • Also, enable verbose mode. Thanks.

  • @therealdb

    The only thing that came out just before the reload it's

    2020-05-24 08:02:00.939   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](findChild@213): Cannot find child: 813 - "OS-WL-0"
    2020-05-24 08:02:00.939   luup_log:813: VeraOpenSprinkler[1.3.0](discovery@407): Device to be added
    2020-05-24 08:02:00.941   luup.chdev.sync:: [813] OpenSprinkler, syncing children
    2020-05-24 08:02:00.942   openLuup.luup:: device 813 'OpenSprinkler' requesting reload

  • @DesT ok, working on a fix. I will provide it soon.

  • So, the problem is that it's missing the Water Level Device. @DesT, can you tell me if the there's a device, and if present, report its variables/attributes?

    Also, can you report Configured variable on the master? This should be 1 and the aforementioned code should not run. Maybe there's something setting it to 0 again. I can provide a new version using a proprietary variable service in order to prevent the Vera/Openluup subsystem from overriding it.

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