(Last Updated: May 5, 2020)

Talk about your setup...

  • Hey guys...

    As me and @rafale77 did, it will be awesome if you can talk about your setup in the Blogs category!

    This initiative can give others some ideas 😉

  • I’m in awe of some of the awesome integrations you guys have done especially with video. My favorite feature of my HA system is my MarketColor app that lights my office hue according to current market conditions. I ll also mention the time my door ajar notifications saved me from tragedy as we were on our to Europe for three weeks and in the rush to leave my wife left the front door wide open. System paid for itself then and there. My custom mp3 door announcements on little zwave “alarms” in every room are pretty cool. My doorbell lights up every room in the house with dings dongs a little jetsony ding dongy riff and the alexas announce tts. My mailbox also annouces with the classic 90s “you’ve got mail” clip. My shades close at night if the next day is forecast to be hot. My waf is low.

  • Oh I forgot a critical one, my roof drain. My roof only has one drain and if it clogs water damage is almost certain. I set up a pressure sensor in the drain (water sensor won’t work because its a drain duh) which is hooked up to zwave door switch. If the pressure tube detects a differential its flooding And just about every alarm and lights and notifications go off I need to do something now! My HA system helps me sleep better at night.

  • @prophead said in Talk about your setup...:

    MarketColor app that lights my office hue according to current market conditions

    That must have looked like an old Hammer House Of Horror movie of late!


  • My neighbors just assume I’m a devil worshiper

  • I just counted my physical zwave devices for my upcoming zway migration.
    34 devices
    19 battery
    15 AC
    11 in wall

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