(Last Updated: May 4, 2020)

Import vera most important topics

  • Since the takeover of Vera by a company ezlo and its so called leader which has nothing with the vera brand and product I fear the fact that a lot of information may get lost after the final rebranding of the company will kick in precious data from the current forum is lost. Is it an option to copy that information in this forum?

  • Pretty sure it's not possible except if each "owner" want to copy/paste a bunch of data!

  • Indeed it is part of the intent. When I saw that a number of my purely technical informational posts were discretely deleted even if it may not have been completely intentional... I thought that the information had to be kept elsewhere. Call me stupid but I sometimes go back to my old posts to figure out how I did certain things... old age you know... And indeed I am going to slowly try to move some of my old posts here and expand on them.

  • Just to make sure, feel free to use the forum for your own "personal" note if you want... I don't mind creating some private section on a per-user basis if you want to keep some note here without being public in a thread!

  • There are a number of webcrawl type products which might perform such a task. The issue, I suspect, is that it'll be 'all or nothing' and I further suspect that the contents of the forum are the IP of the forum owner which may cause issues should it be reproduced here.


  • Thinking about it, I don't think we should be importing posts without the consent of their authors so... I am rewriting, resharing a compacted version of my posts.😀

  • Hi Rene here. Nice to see familiar posters here. I claim zero copyrights on my stuff, so use what is found useful. 🙂

    Cheers Rene

  • Hi Rene, thanks for that...


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