(Last Updated: June 1, 2020)

Altui - OS Command execution request (returned error)

  • I am used to errors, but never seen this before on altui on vera. keep getting this now all the time, any clue?


  • We’re you doing anything special just before then? You must have been doing something in order to have spotted the error message so quickly.

  • I was trying to "replace" a dead nod in the vera interface until I found on a forum 🙂 (which one?) that this button was function less. So I found a tip to go to altui and since then I saw it... rebooting does not get that message away.

    Edit: every thing I want to change and that want a luup reload gives me now this error. Although everything seems to keep working?

  • I’m not familiar with Vera logs, but I notice on openLuup that AltUI attempts to delete a files/folder and/or create a directory. It’s possible that this is the cause. In which case, it’s totally benign. Did you upgrade AltUI recently, since it hasn’t always done this.

  • no, no update recently...

  • Is there any location I can look to see "more" on the error? I have this error continuously...

  • So when you say 'continuously', you mean that after clearing the red error it comes back? There should (may) be a line in the log which gives further diagnosis. The orange error should only occur when AltUI is unable to connect to the host Vera. Again, it should be clearable.

  • Yes, I can clear but it comes back upon doing "anything", changing room, changing names,etc. So I think after luup reloads.

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