(Last Updated: June 2, 2020)

Wonders will never cease...

  • Amazing. One of my (un)trusty old VeraLite machines running UI5 has just achieved an uptime of one month... the maximum that that firmware can ever achieve!

    The graph below shows the uptime for the last two years, and although sometimes being up for a few weeks, it's never achieved a whole month!

    I put this down to reduced ZWave traffic and zero plugins, although the configuration hasn't changed for a long while.

    Screenshot_2020-06-01 Grafana - Veras.png

  • Let's see how far you can stretch this new record. How did you reduce the zwave traffic?
    Mine has been up for 2 months straight now... but I am cheating... It runs no luup engine or UI. Just the vera plus hardware.

  • It can’t be stretched further, this is the limit for UI5 (and earlier UI7 firmware) which always reloads at the start of a new month. I’ve simply been using it less.

  • Ahh yeah... the monthly time jump... forgot it existed. I just checked my vera plus and the last process start was me changing to a POE splitter power on April 15th. 🙂

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