(Last Updated: August 21, 2020)

BroadLink Mark II plugin

  • The plugin has been updated to ver 0.56 which improves the RF learning procedure. It also recognises some of the newer RM4 devices (thanks Bruce Lacey).

    Existing uses just need to upload the "L_BroadLink_Mk2_1.lua" file.

    RF learning has been improved but is never particularly reliable. You can invoke testing by executing this code in the Lua Test box:

    local DeviceID =  the_id_of_the_IR_child_device
    luup.call_action('urn:a-lurker-com:serviceId:IrTransmitter1', 'LearnRFCode', {}, DeviceID)
    return true

    Running the code illuminates the LED on the BroadLink device. If you do nothing at this point, the learning times out after about 24 seconds and the result is "No RF code was learnt".

    While in the learning mode, tap the remote button to be learnt, every 2/3 of a second or so. If the LED goes out (typically after about say 5 seconds) some result was learnt.

    The result can be found in the parent device by looking at the variable "LearntRFCode". However, it is far easier to look at the log file, which logs the process as it proceeds and also the result. You need to learn a few results to try and determine if the results are at all consistent.

  • @a-lurker said in BroadLink Mark II plugin:

    You can invoke testing by executing this code in the Lua Test box

    Presumably, you can also access this from either AltUI or the openLuup console Action page for the device, which would be even easier.

  • Yep - many ways to skin a cat but you might only have a dog to work with.

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