(Last Updated: November 15, 2020)
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Status Board - What’s your HA Information Dashboard ?

  • I'm planning on using Imperihome as long as i can.. this way i can have some controls as well, in addition to grafana graphs..

  • @a-lurker said in Status Board - What’s your HA Information Dashboard ?:

    AFAIK Grafana needs a Grafana server to be set up, etc. Presume that can be done on a RasPi.

  • I run Grafana on a windows machine now. It works, but is a bit fiddly as it is at beta stage..

  • Does anyone here use an alternative to imperihome? the Imperihome bridge doesnt transfer all sensors for some reason.. motion sensors, light sensors, UV doesnt come over..

    I want a status panel, but I want to be able to set i.e light schemes, open the garagedoor, etc from these panels.. (Old tab's and phones in 3d printed frames)

  • I've been looking at Home Remote, but it seems to need to connect to the vera servers for credentials, and I can't find another way to connect in openluup..

  • @perh Take a look at Homewave if you are on iOS. It works with Vera, both UI5 and UI7 and it also works for OpenLuup. You can have multiple controllers mapped seamlessly at the same time.
    For Veras it works with cellular access, for OpenLuup you need a vpn to access the system when being off-site.


  • There is other visualisation software that will do what you want, but it comes with a high price tag...
    Possibly the best professional system, IMHO is Eisbaur Scada (google is your friend), there are other professional systems available, it all comes down to price or user familiarity.

  • Only one iOS device in the house, and its not mine! 😉

    I want this to go local communication only, I just use altUI (via dataplicity) when i'm not home.. This is mainly for some UI pads i plan to have around the house, all android..

  • @perh I ended with my own solution.

    I searched a lot, but I couldn’t really find something ready. It’s obviously not generic, but I have thermostats, a/c, sensors and much more. It’s running on fully kiosk in fire tablets, that I control via mqtt/api, so I can display cams after motion events and much more.

  • I've also rolled my own. It will be included for optional use with the new multi-system Reactor.