(Last Updated: October 3, 2020)

More info about alarm devices/services

  • So, I want to expand my Virtual Devices Plugin, and add support for alarms.

    I recently reverse engineered my own alarm panel (it exposes an HTTP server, so I just watched their app and rebuilt the login), so I want to expose its event better. Right now, I just added a new security sensor in order to understand when alarm is active, and a couple of notifications to send via Telegram who activated/deactivated the alarm.

    It will probably be cool to provide something representing an alarm panel, or an alarm partition, or a security key (to log/show who activated/deactivated the alarm, in which mode and when). Right now I'm tracking this thing via various zwave/wifi sensors, but I wanted to improve and maybe benefit others.

    I searched a bit and I founded S_AlarmPartition2.xml and a plethora of very old forum posts, very old plug-ins and I'm not sure where to start. Thanks!

  • Yes, I have that service file in my folders too. Not sure which plugin that it came from, but judging from the fact that it has extensive comments, it can't possibly have come from MCV!

    It seems like a good idea not to reinvent the wheel as far as service files go.

  • Yep, this is probably used by DSC/Caddy and many more. I found a thread where they started asking for unification and maybe MCV did the right thing, at the time, and provided this as standard way to implement the service. No device files, it seems.

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