(Last Updated: October 25, 2020)
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  • Hi,

    I'm working on new features for my Virtual Devices Plug-in. One of the things I want to add is the ability to poll an endpoint to get power consumption.

    So, I want to store the URL and the JSON path in a variable, but I'm confused on how to dynamically parse JSON paths in LUA.

    I have something like this in a string variable


    and I have to extract the corresponding value from the JSON I got over HTTP.

    Any suggestion is very appreciated. Thanks.

  • Tricky.

    If I understand correctly, this snippet of code may do what you need.

    I have a string variable with that text in it, and a structure which includes that field (and others.) The code extracts the value of the given field...

    local text = "data.meters[1].power"
    local struct = {
        foo = 42,
        data = {
          meters = { {power = math.pi},  {energy = 123}, 3, 4, 5  },
          litres = 7,
        bung = "qwerty"
    local x = struct
    for field in text: gmatch "[^%.%[%]]+" do
      x = x[tonumber(field) or field]



  • Thanks @akbooer!

    It's now implemented in v 2.1 on https://github.com/dbochicchio/Vera-VirtualDevices/