(Last Updated: November 15, 2020)
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  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering what you guys use for push notifications on openluup. I still use VeraAlerts on my vera, but am searching for an alternative that runs on openluup.


  • In my iOS world, I use Prowl.

    Early versions of Vera Alerts code will run on openLuup, AFAIK.

  • I use pushover. It does require downloading a mobile app but it also has enabled me to send snapshots of my cameras through push notifications. I think another popular one is telegram.

  • I'm using Telegram => https://github.com/dbochicchio/vera-Telegram

    You can also send short videos, if you can create them as GIF. I have my cameras sending me videos on motion/door/gate activity.

  • @rafale77
    How are you sending messages through prowl, via reactor?

  • @therealdb @rafale77
    Very interesting. Can you tell me some more about how you communicate with your camera’s? Are you using zoneminder?


    I am actually using this:

    and have binded home-assistant and openLuup together through a number of scenes. I use lua code in scenes of openluup to send commands to the home-assistant API which then sends the notification just like I do a number of other things (for example my zigbee network is managed by home-assistant but commanded by openLuup scenes). I posted here how:


    I then have another function defined in my startup lua:

    function sendnotif(mess,prio)
    local json = require "rapidjson"
    local a = mess
    local b = prio
    local payl = {
        message = a,
        data = {
            priority = b},
        title = "OpenLuup"
    local payload = json.encode (payl)    
    local path = "http://IP:8123/api/services/notify/pushover"
    POSTH(path, payload, hass_token)

    And call this function in my scene any time I need a notification.

    I do not use zoneminder. I am just using home assistant's camera component to take a snapshot, and send it. In this case, I created an "automation in home assistant and call it from a startup lua function in openLuup.

    function sendnotifcam(dev)
      local json = require "rapidjson"
      local ent = string.format("automation.%s_cam_push_notify",dev)
      local payl = {
        entity_id = ent 
      local payload = json.encode (payl)
      local path = "http://IP:8123/api/services/automation/trigger"
      POSTH(path, payload, hass_token)

    Note that I am using rapidjson as a json interpreter so you can replace it with whatever you are using. (likely dkjson). You can see why in other posts on this forum. Note also that I have named the home assistant automation according to the camera variable. The "dev" variable here would be a string which corresponds to the name of the camera and is the same on both openLuup and home-assistant.
    This is what the automation page looks like for my front camera on home assistant:

    Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.59.07.png

  • I'm on Telegram. It works well and is simple to set up


  • I have built my own camera server, streaming from my cams and I create gifs on the fly. Very similar to @rafale77, but homemade because I made fun in doing that.

  • Anything in particular that I'm missing to get Prowl to work in Reactor? I'm trying to move everything off the Vera but I am getting a 404 error in the LuaUPnP log. Using the same Prowl API key that Vera used. Even created a new one and tested that it worked on the Vera.

  • Did you put something in ProwlURL, or leave it blank?

  • I'm using rocket.chat as we are using it at work!