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Multiple Veras in home assistant

  • Using Home Assistant as the heart of my domotica (this was vera for 10 years up untill just a few months ago!) I currently have vera integrated as zwave hub only. Having almost all logic moved to hass leaving vera solely as zwave hub.
    As I am searching for a solution for a more stable zwave network and all options are open (but messing with zwave network ids etc is still too hard for me) I am also looking to another option.

    Multiple veras in hass. This way I can have isolated vera edges with smaller zwave networks and still do all logic in hass.

    One thing... currently only 1 vera is allowed in hass.

    It is a feature request already and I would like to ask to help me vote this request up:

  • from a mesh point of view, having separate networks is not optimal. plus, as @rafale77 already said elsewhere, multiple networks will cause more packet collisions, and a less optimal result. I agree this could be potentially useful when dealing with very large homes, or multiple constructions into the same property (ie: a detached guest house). So I voted 😄

  • Indeed, this really only makes sense in the case of multiple locations like the original poster is asking. Splitting one colocated network to gain stability will have very limited benefits as network frame collisions and interferences will increase.
    It will help with the vera "tardy bug" though as this is due to an internal vera problem exacerbated by security class, network size (especially battery operated devices) so you may gain some and lose some.
    It really makes a lot more sense to nuke the vera and migrate to one of the native Home Assistant zwave components avoiding any exclusion/inclusion and the tricky network routing changes of a split up network which may break the whole network. It takes either one script and 2 command lines to make it reboot resistant or 5-6 command lines (Original first post in the link below) to test and you gain near 100% stability instead of maybe a 10-20% best case depending on your network with a much more complex and risky situation.

  • I think the intent of this is similar to mine.
    I digress as I have a Vera Lite running UI5 which is rock solid, the naughty child is a Vera Edge (latest FW) but can be unpredictable.
    I explored HASS with the hope that multiple Vera's could be supported as it would have been a simple solution to control different elements in either system from one CP.
    Cut to the chase.... I'm all for support of multiple Vera's and voted for it but the dev seems very quiet so I'm not holding much hope.

  • @Black-Cat

    For you what would make the most sense would be to keep the Vera Lite UI5 where it is, maybe bind it into HA through the vera component and then bind the Vera Edge through openzwave as what the original poster of that thread in Home Assistant forum did. Home Assistant will not fix the issues with the vera as you may read through my blog post. I tried really hard to make the vera work for so many years. I went all the way, peeling off every layer and the problem is really at the core of the vera software. Only replacing it with something else will fix its problem as it doesn't appear that the new ownership is going to want to fix the vera since they prefer people to move to the new platform even though the fix could be trivial.

    This method above is fully reversible and is not even a migration per say. It reuses exactly your vera network as is and just replaces the vera management software with Home Assistant's component of your choosing.

    At the end of the journey, the conclusion was that there was nothing wrong with the hardware and it was actually quite elegantly and intelligently setup by the OEM (SerComm). The firmware/software from MIOS was really the problem.

    Alternatively, I can't recommend openLuup enough for those who want to keep the best of vera (the community developed plugins and the lua based automation) to first relieve some of the loading off of the vera software (which helps) and then open the door to replace the vera altogether as I did.

  • @Black-Cat said in Multiple Veras in home assistant:

    I'm all for support of multiple Vera's and voted for it but the dev seems very quiet so I'm not holding much hope.

    The fact that openLuup can link to multiple Veras doesn’t help? I currently run three (two UI5 VeraLites, and one UI7 Edge.)

  • Some progress. So I have a 2nd Vera (yes don't shoot me but it works better is you split them) I could not integrate more than 1 in home assistant untill I found an article about the node-red mios in and out... And guess what, I am half way there... It works very well!

    some screenshots:


    Very simple and very useful...

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