(Last Updated: May 23, 2020)

Recover an ‘assumed bricked’ Vera Secure

  • Hi

    Go with me here... I recently pick up a unresponsive Vera Secure from eBay for next to nothing, thinking I’d could have a go at trying to restore it, if only as a play thing..

    Situation - The power led comes on, but the internet and service leds just flash - no connection made (and even using a direct cable and Wireshark, I can’t see an arp request being made to see if it has a default in address) - I’ve also tried various reset button combinations - no luck.

    Perhaps this post is a long shot, but seeing so many familiar ex Micasaverde/Vera forum names - i thought I’d at least ask - just in case anyone had any guidance/advice etc. I could use ..

  • All too familiar with this situation unfortunately. This sounds like one of two things: A storage flash corruption due to flash cells failure or a error made in one of the boot script which is so bad that it is also preventing the recovery script from working.
    The only way to recover is to push a full firmware refresh through TFTP and mios has a tool to do this. You will need to set the device in bootloader mode by powering it up while maintaining the the reset button pressed and connect to it using the mios tool under windows XP. The problem is to procure the vera secure firmware image which I don't have. I only have it for the vera plus and edge and the plus is significantly different as it uses a different zwave chip and storage partitioning structure.

  • Many Thanks @rafale77 ,

    I can recall years back doing a firmware recovery on my Vera lite, or it might have been a Vera 3 (long term Vera user here !!) - i wasn’t sure if the process would be similar or not.

    I can set up a TFTP server (I think my QNAP NAS has that option), and it sounds like getting it into bootloader mode is reasonably straight forward to do, the challenge is getting the image, now when you say ‘procure’ do you mean it has to be purchased from MIOS? When you created your for the Edge and Plus, did you do them yourself (extract the image), or was it something you had to get from MIOS too ?

  • Back then I actually opened a ticket to request the image from vera support since it is oddly not published anywhere and they are strangely reluctant to make it easily available,

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